A Grand Summer To Everyone!

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    Summer greetings from the Grand Order hobbits! We would like to wish all friends of the Grand Order a grand and lovely summer! May them days be sunny and warm (but not too hot), and may yer meals be plentiful!

    The summer days have been with us for a while (warm or not...), which means that many hobbits now potter around outside. Or snooze in the shade. Fish by a stream, hoping for a cool breeze. Go on picnics. Pick strawberries and flowers. Aye, them's grand and lovely days, and we hope yer all use them well, so yer are all happy and full of energy for the year ahead.

    Us Grand Order hobbits will also spend some time lazying about during the summer. Rest assured, though, we will keep up our regular activities over the summer. Green Dragon Friday should be on every Friday, the markets are in Michel Delving Monday and Tuesday every two weeks, and unless there are other plans, we usually go on adventure to look for mathoms every Saturday evening. We will see if other event ideas pop up too, so keep visiting our notice board. The summer festival starts later this week, and soon there is a Grand Summer Picnic to look forward to.

    As them lovely summer moods set in, we thought we'd remind yer all of the the following:

    Join our hobbit adventures

    The Grand Order usually goes on adventures to look for mathoms Saturday nights. These are typically hobbit adventures where we help each other solve hard tasks, or just stay together and have fun on adventure. Instances, skirmishes, general quest solving ... it is all grand!

    The adventures are often more about having fun together than mastering the hardest raids, so we often have high-levels joining on adventures with lower-levels. The stories and us spending time together are what counts.

    These adventures are also open for our good friends outside of the Order! Just let one of them chiefs know, and them will give yer more details about how ter join.

    Join the Grand Order

    We are always looking for grand hobbits to join our ranks. We aren't the fastest recruiters, and we rarely ask hobbits directly if they would join us. Which means that if yer have an interest in the Order, don't hesitate to make the first contact yerself. For more information, please take a look at our recruitment page and have a chat with one of our chiefs.

    You should also take note of the following:

    The Grand Order is a long established kin, and one of the reasons for its success over the years is due to how we recruit new hobbits into the kin. Although we gladly receive applications, we do like to get know the hobbit first before admitting anyone into the kin, and for them to get to know us. It's no good, after all, for someone to join a kin and find it is not at all what they expect. We like to think of ourselves of a family, and it takes some time to become part of that family.

    So, how do you get to know the Grand Order if you don't already? Well, keep an eye out for any kin members you meet on your travels and stop to have a chat with them, if you can. In character, of course, because the Grand Order is an RP kin, and OOC chat is very rare. You should also join some of the many events that take place in the Shire, and sometimes also outside of its borders. Not just ones organised by the Grand Order, but ones that are aimed at hobbits. Take a look in the Bramblebury Gazette, and you will find more information about them all.

    We like to see that hobbits who want to join the Grand Order are regular players, rather than someone who just appears occasionally. It's hard to get to know someone if they are rarely seen.

    The idea is that by the time you come to join the Grand Order, you will already feel part of it. In short, if you expect to join a kin as soon as you ask to join, then we are probably not the kin for you. But if you don't mind waiting a bit and showing a bit of patience, then you could be a good fit for us.

    Joy cometh in the autumn

    We hope you all rest up well over the summer, so you are able to join all the fun that awaits us during the autumn. Some things to look forward to are:
    • Burrow-crawls!
    • Parties!
    • The Bards Day Concert on 2 September!
    • Perhaps a new play!
    • And definitely a new historical field trip! Another Grand Journey out of bounds! Just take a look at the moving drawing below *shivers*

    The Shire to Fornost: A hobbit historical field trip

    More information about the field trip here.

    A grand summer to all!

    Finally, we would like to wish all friends of the Grand Order a grand and lovely summer! May them days be sunny and warm (but not too hot), and may yer meals be plentiful!

    The hobbits of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
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