A Labourers Work is Never Done

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    Place: The Village of Songburrow
    From: Edith Spinacre

    Anyone visiting the neighborhood of Songburrow in recent days will have seen a group of labourers camped near to the gate. By the evidence of two covered wagons and numerous stores they appear to be settled in for a good while. After much initial speculation it turns out that they are carrying out a number of repairs and other works around Songburrow and the neighboring villages.

    Interested passers-by have noted they are not local folk, though at least one was said to be a 'cheeky young lad from Waymeet'. One older resident of Songburrow claimed that the most senior of the hobbits was 'on good terms with the folk up at the Hall', but no one could confirm whether that was indeed the case.

    In the most part they seem to be jovial and good hearted bunch, keeping much to themselves and on relatively good terms with the locals.

    One local craftsman remarked:
    I wonder who is paying for all this, I hope it doesn't end up coming out of my own pocket. Trimming the hedges is one thing... but that quarried stone they are using to repair the path and the bridge doesn't come cheap. Goodness knows why, it still looks as good as the day it was built...

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