Rumour A New Yuletide Pie Coming Up

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    Hullo, hobbits of the Shire! This is a very, very important announcement, so be sure to read it!

    Miss Pycella’s Pie Shop will launch a new Yuletide pie on December 8th, that’s a Friday alright. The new pie will be revealed at the Green Dragon Friday in Bywater. As the esteemed cook of the pie shop, I, Miss Almi, will host the evening and reveal the new pie at the end of the evening at the Bywater Pool banks. The launch will happen around 9:15 ((PM, UK time)). So, if you come in Nimelia or Apri time and find an empty inn, go outside and you’ll find us at the banks, near the bridge and fishing spot!

    Unfortunately, Miss Pycella won’t be able to attend the important event herself. She seems to be a bit suspicious about it. “I haven’t seen any new pies nor pie recipes at our shop lately! There is somet fishy about this! Why are you organizing this at the banks?” Well, she has never trusted me, her former nanny that much, so don’t you listen to her. I have done my best to keep the Yuletide pie a secret, and it seems that I have been very successful at that! Rest assured that we nannies always have your best interests at heart!

    See you at the Green Dragon Friday on December 8th, starting at seven and half bells!


    Warm Yuletide regards,
    Miss Almi
    Senior Pie Cook
    Miss Pycella’s Pie Shop, 5 Chalk Road, Songburrow

    PS. The little bird told me that Master Bonkadoc will have a special turnip juice ceremony during the same evening. Many things to look forward to!
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    Today is the day when Miss Almi will introduce our new Yuletide pie! Yay! At least let's hope she will - looks like she has caught a some germs, or the germs have caught her... Now, she is treating her throat with some good tea, so everything should be fine! But she might have a sore throat tonight.

    ((I have caught a cold in real life too, and it seems that some small hobbits in my care have caught it too. Things look good for now though. Besides, during the day, my Internet connection was acting up a bit, but it seems stable now too. So I am doing my best to have Almi host this evening *smiles*))

    See yer later!
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    The new Yule pie has been introduced: it is a Yule apple pie, with lots of cream, sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove and probably some brandy too - all yer favourite Yule spices! The almond flakes make a tasty crust.

    However, before anyone could dive into that Yule pie, the participants had to perform a mandatory pre-Yule bath! The clever Miss Almi had led them to her nanny trap and made them take a refreshing, certified Yule bath supervised by a Nanny. She provided them with some music as the hobbits bounced themselves clean in the water.

    Some bouncing hobbits and a victorious nanny

    Can the Bywater Bouncing song get more authentic than this?

    Miss Almi thanks everyone for the fabulous night. She had some problems with her throat during the evening, but it seemed to go well for the most part! Thank you for coming, all and one!

    Miss Almi will bake more apple pies to everyone that took their Yule bath and Miss Pycella will hand them out next week, as we raise the Yule tree in Songburrow! The cleaner yer are, the more pies you'll get!
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    Calm Green Dragon hall, no one suspected that new apple-pie will come with a surprise at the bank of the pond *giggles*
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