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    Last night you could spot many odd creatures at the Green Dragon inn… The Scary Beaver Harp twins, an odd dwarf called Skeptur from the Blue Mountains, a (cute) bear, a Quick Post raven, a grumpy hobbit, a couple of witches and various hobbits dressed in scary costumes. In the end, someone could see a yellow ghost lurking at the back of the room, watching closely for biscuits…
    The entertainment included scary music pieces, a scary poem and a terrifying “round robin” story session.

    The following creatures took part in the horror story session: Miss Mollywobbles (the bear), Miss Ambrinna (the Quick Post raven), Miss Lina (dressed as the scary Miss Lina), Master Bonkadoc (Master of the Turnips), Master Skepto (a famished-looking dwarf Skeptur), and me of course. This is the story we came up with:

    Pycella says, 'One night when Barmy stepped to his ale cellar, he discovered a mysterious door that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere!'
    Mollywobbles says, 'He looked at the never-ending pile of dirty glasses and the dirty rug that hadn't been cleaned in years and decided ter ignore them some more.'
    Ambrinna says, 'But then he thought what if I can open that scary door. Then I can just throw the dirty glasses and plates inside with no washing up to worry about! "He opened the door"'
    Lina says, 'Barmy started gathering the dishes, when he heard ominous, creaking sounds coming out of the mysterious door.'
    Bonkadoc says, 'Barmy peeked inside carefully. "Highly unusual", he said. "There should be no cookies here!"'
    Skepto says, 'As Barmy stuck his head inside, he recognized the noise as the soothing sound of bagpipes, and was instantly calmed down.'
    Pycella says, 'As the light fell inside the corridor behind the door, he spotted it: a purple snowbeast, holding bagpipes in her arms!'
    Mollywobbles says, 'And behind it, a Yellow Biscuit Crumbler eyeballing the cookies beadily.'
    Ambrinna says, 'Now Barmy was a little worried by all this but he had a secret weapon. It was called the "Bar Bill" and he flourished it at the monsters with a smile!'
    Lina says, 'His smile vanished as the Biscuit Crumbler ran up and started chewing on the bar bill, teeth getting ever closer to Barmy's fingers...'
    Bonkadoc says, 'Barmy shrieks in horror. His mind is racing towards panic. He puts all his weight on the door and it slams shut. "I must hold this door."'
    Skepto says, 'Barmy was so desperate that he even considered calling for Miss Nimelia, but then he spotted her sleeping in the corner of the room, and he swiftly dismissed the idea.'
    Pycella says, 'But the bagpipe music got stronger, and the door was shaking heavily under Barmy's weight'
    Mollywobbles says, 'And if that wasn't bad enough, there were shrieks and howls from outside the Dragon and the whole burrow was shaking mightily! Barmy called to Miss Nimelia, but when his eyes fell upon her corner, she was gone!'
    Ambrinna says, 'Now Miss Nimelia is not a bounder for nothing and this was what bounders dealt with. Turning the large barrel of turnip juice so the bung faced the scary door, she then pulled it out with a pop!'
    Lina says, 'The juice streamed out of the barrel, soaking the mysterious door instantly. A frightful howl came from beyond it.'
    Bonkadoc says, 'The howl gathered force. It reached deafening levels. You could hear the words:'
    Skepto says, '"NOOOOOO, NOT ME TURNIP BRANDY"'
    Pycella says, 'And in the end, he could only hear a faint voice saying: "the door is shut, we can't get out.... the door is shut. Mellon!"'
    Pycella says, 'The end.'
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    In spite of the scary theme, you must have had a lot of fun this Friday! Thanks for sharing some of it with those who could not make it.

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