A Snake With No Name

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  1. Lina Chief


    It is high time we named the Brockenborings mill snake.
    Here is how yer can help out!

    Did yer ever wonder why there are so few shrews and mice in Brockenborings? The reason is easy to see, it is in plain sight. Up by the mill, it lies there always. In sun, rain, sleet or hail, it just doesn’t move from its spot. Well, apart from hissing at anyone passing by, that is. And possibly eating any rodents unlucky enough to come within the village borders.

    It is the Brockenborings mill snake, of course.

    Strangely enough, the snake has never been named. For years has it been a permanent fixture of the village, but no-one thought of giving it a name. And I suppose asking it what other snakes call it wouldn’t help much. Those fangs really don’t invite constructive conversations.

    Penny and me talked about this the other day, and we decided that this won’t do, this nameless snaking. So, instead, we’ll run a name competition. And this is where yer can help out:
    • Suggest a name for the snake, ideally in the comment field over here, but yer can also contact me otherwise. Order members might also add their paw prints below.
    • After a while, we’ll gather up the suggestions and choose some we like.
    • Lastly, we’ll have a poll/vote, so yer can help decide the best snake name.
    ((No real rules beyond this, but we’d prefer names that are somewhat fitting in a Tolkien world))

    Get yer snake thinking hat on and slither out a good suggestion for us! Yer are of course welcome to add more than one suggestion too.


    Snek at Sunset
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  2. Lully Member

    I'd like to suggest "Hisso", or maybe "Adda" *chuckles*
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  3. Ambrinna Member

    I reckon "Brock" for a boy and "Millie" if it's a girl!
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  4. Rubysue Member

    Who's gonna go figure out which it is?

    I toyed with elvish, Sindarian specifically, but on considering it, I don't think hobbits would pick (or know of, for that matter) an elvish word. In typically practical hobbit fashion, I think the folks of Brockenborings would settle in on something simple like Brocken-Snake.
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  5. Pycella Member

    Oh, those are some fine suggestions! I only have silly ones...

    "Snake-Ed", or er... "Wormtongue"? *chuckles*
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  6. Potty Member

    I'd go with Monty, or Master Undermill! *grins*

    A name with lots of s's would be good too I suppose!
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  7. Rubellita Member

    Find out whether snake meat is edible and if so, just call him/her "Snack" *giggles*
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  8. Rubysue Member

    Wow, and I thought I was taking a practical hobbit approach. I hear snakes taste like chicken.
  9. Lina Chief

  10. Rubysue Member

    I finally got motivated up and went over to Brockenborings to see the snake. I know there's other snakes around and about, and I can't say that I've really stopped to admire most of 'em, but this one does seem rather unique in that I'm pretty sure I've not been hissed at by other "landscape" type snakes. A "hidden gem?"

    Anyhow, after spending a bit of time in its presence, I'll add "Hisssy" and "Ol' Grumpy" as possible names.

    He's not a very big snake. By the time you skinned, gutted, and boned him, I don't think there's a snack left worth all the effort.
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  11. Pennyroyal Member

    In the past I've informally called the snake Milton because it's by a mill and, well, looks like a Milton *nods*

    I'd also nominate Bounder as both can be found napping legless behind a rock.
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