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    A trilogy of poems about a tree told from three different points of view!

    PART 1 - The Squirrel

    Atop a tall and mighty oak
    A little squirrel lies
    Amongst the green and tender leaves
    It looks out at the sky

    But short the rest the squirrel takes
    For food is on its mind
    Soon scurrying along the branch
    Some nuts it longs to find

    The mighty oak has come to fruit
    And acorns fill its twigs
    The squirrel leaps from branch to branch
    It does a nutty jig!

    The oak it is a mighty store
    A pantry in the woods
    The squirrel has no need to leave
    The oak provides the food

    And deep within the ancient trunk
    The squirrel has its drey
    And after eating acorns up
    It goes back there to lay

    But slumber is soon hard to get
    The tree is starts to shake
    There's rustling now in all the leaves
    The earth below it quakes

    The squirrel sticks it head outside
    It's eyes dart up and down
    It sees below beside the tree
    A hobbit on the ground

    The hobbit works upon the oak
    And he then gives a call
    The squirrel leaps from out its hole
    The oak begins to fall

    A mighty bound, the squirrel leaps
    And lands upon an ash
    It turns and see despairingly
    The oak tumbles with a crash

    And so the squirrel has lost its home
    A woodland store is gone
    It jumps around from tree to tree
    To seek out a new home

    PART 2 - The Woodcutter

    The early morning cockerel crows
    The sun it rises from below
    A hobbit rises very slowly
    And grabs his trusty axe

    His breakfast is some eggs and chops
    He wolfs it down, no time to stop
    For now he has some trees to chop
    With many mighty whacks

    He meets up with some feller friends
    With saws in hands they number ten
    It's time to cut some trees again
    They walk into the wood

    And first he finds a sycamore
    He fells it with his axe once more
    Then two of them then work a saw
    The planks they make are good

    He piles the planks upon a stack
    And smaller logs into a sack
    Then in the woods he wanders back
    Whilst whistling a song

    He comes upon a noble tree
    An oak of some fine majesty
    And crafters have it much in need
    The wood is fine and strong

    He grips his axe, deep breathes he takes
    With strudy strokes, deep cut he makes
    The oak it sways and starts to break
    And "Timber!" is the call

    The oak it comes a-tumbling down
    A thundering crash upon the ground
    A cloud of dirt is scattered round
    The oak lies prone and still

    And so the cutter's day is done
    He glances at the setting sun
    And bids farewell to everyone
    To Overhill he roams

    And up above atop a tree
    Right next to where the oak should be
    A squirrel sits quite nervously
    And watches him go home.....

    PART 3 - The Tree

    Deep in the woods there stood a noble tree
    An Oak of countless age and majesty
    Within a glade of ash and beech and elm
    The Oak stood tall, surveying all its realm

    Now, many years ago a seed was sown
    An acorn once, from this the tree had grown
    Through seasons hot and cold the Oak tree grew
    In width, in height, its branches filled the view

    It's bark was like a solid rugged hide
    It's limbs they seem to reach out to the sky
    The leaves would rustle when the wind did blow
    Its roots were spreading in the earth below

    And so it stood the largest of them all
    A gnarly master of its woodland hall
    Providing shade to creatures on the ground
    A source of food to woodland life around

    And in the wood the tree was not alone
    For other things did make the Oak its home
    Within the trunk a squirrel made its drey
    Whilst foraging the acorns everyday

    But peace was not forever in this land
    One day a cutter came with axe in hand
    With rapid swings he cut into the trunk
    He cut life from the Oak in many chunks

    So helplessly this regal Oak it fell
    With leaves and acorns scattered in the dell
    Above, a leaping squirrel just escaped
    Much harder times ahead would lie in wait

    For wintertime was soon to reach the Shire
    The cutter used his logs to warm the fire
    The squirrel found itself a warm new hole
    So both in time could live throughout the cold

    The squirrel foraged acorns on the ground
    But one small acorn it was never found
    Evading all the frantic squirrel's claws
    It took to root and become an Oak once more

    And so in time another Oak tree grew
    The squirrel's young would come to live there too
    And hobbit cutters still they cut the trees
    The wood remains and ever shall it be

    ((OOC: This is a sort of 'director's cut' of my poem, as I realised too late that I had missed out a verse from the last poem. I had intended each poem to have ten verses, but whilst reciting part three I saw it only had nine! So I have added a new verse in, and made a slight tinkering to the very last verse too, which I hope helps resolve the whole trilogy in a more satisfying way...))
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  2. Rubellita Member

    Grand!! How do you come up with such lovely poems, Master Simbo! Hats off for our master-poet!
  3. Spriggy Member

    Epic indeed! Wonderful poems, master Simbo! *cheers*
  4. Akelay Member

    A wonderful tree-ology, cousin Simbo! How great of you to look at it from tree points of view (and squirrel points of view, too)! Hats and caps off!
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    Wonderful poems, mister Simbo. I like most the one about the Woodcutter, but all are great *cheers*
  6. Lina Chief

    Yay, grand work again Simbo!

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