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Discussion in 'Rumours & Gossip' started by Simbo, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    For those of you who have trouble with wayward ponies wandering into your garden and nibbling your flowers, the following advice, kindly provided my Master Smeric, may be of interest.

  2. Lina Chief

    Ooh, tricksy!

    Although: Rumours say that there aren't enough neeps in the Shire ter keep yer flowers safe from them pony hordes, Simbo! *giggles*
  3. Lully Member

    Erm... why doesn't you plant some turnips in with yer flowers, Simbo? That way should any stray pony that has got loose without the owner realising and then wanders completely by accident into your meadow, then them will eat the turnips and leave your lovely flowers alone. *looks hopeful*

    Having said that, I know me own ponies are very fussy about they like to eat *giggles*
  4. Sevelda Voluntary Assistant Chief

    I tried feeding neeps to me ponies and me goat ... it didn't work.

    PS: Could ya send me goat home, Simbo? I need it to pull me cart over to Landroval in an hour or so.
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