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    Diary ~ Entry 17 ~ Bitterling Pie, Dresses and Concerns

    Afterlithe 31st, 2012

    At the end I did wear the umber shirt and trousers, even outside my burrow. And I threatened Simbo with a poisoned bitterling pie, which gave him quite a fright. But then he ate it (of course he did, how could Simbo say no to a pie) and found out it was "only" catfish pie.


    Due to some lankyshank gatherings in Bywater, we moved our Green Dragon Friday to the Floating Log last week. I was dancing with Adrean again, and it was wonderful. He is such a great dancer - and showering me with compliments all the time. He was wearing brand new clothes for the occasion and looked gorgeous. I guess he still might have the feeling that as a hobbit from Waymeet he has to prove that he is not shabby at all. Of course he is not! And I love him anyway, whatever clothes he wears. And even if he talks about storks and werelankies all the time.

    I was also asking around for Holibin, but no one in Frogmorton had seen him lately, and not even Ponto Hopsbloom, who gets news and gossip as much as raindrops through his leaking roof, had any idea where Holibin could be. Maybe travelling? I hope nothing happened to him! Pa is sure he is fine. He says news about bad things travel much faster than good news, so we would have heard if something was wrong. He only cares about this yellow dress he bought for a hobbit lass, looking at it every two hours and smoothing out the wrinkles. But for whom? Miss Lina lives just down the street, he could simply walk over and give it to her. So maybe it is not Miss Lina after all. That would be good news for I certainly do not want Master Jiro as his enemy.

    I missed the summer picnic, which is too bad, but I met my friends later on their way home and Miss Tibba, who had kept the last mushroom pie, gave it to me generously. So I had a taste of summer picnic after all, as well as some nice chats with my friends on our way home to Bramblebury.


    Despite his attention to the dress, Pa noticed my wobbly-leg problem and is concerned. He even talked to Master Bracegirdle about it, who just came over to tell me to go and see Gardenia for she might have some elixir against that. And indeed that is a good idea. I will go to the Bird and Baby right now.
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    Diary ~ Entry 18 ~ Everything is changing

    Wedmath 15th, 2012

    I just came back from a short journey to the North. Actually it was good escaping all the Farmer's Fair riot. Everything is changing, and I wanted some quiet time to think about it. Not only that I found Pa - although I still have not found my half-brother, but I will eventually - I met Adrean, and suddenly I have a whole family. That alone was so wonderful. But then Gardenia told me the good news and I was overjoyed. Still am.


    And when I told Adrean that he is going to be a pa, he was overjoyed, too, and told it everyone in the Ivy Bush right away. My life has changed so much already, and it will change even more. Bathing in the not so very warm Northern Sea I realised that everything is changing all the time anyway. When Ma died, I felt so alone, but now my family is going to be larger than before! Ma, I wish you could have lived to see your grandchild. Adrean says he wants the baby to look like me. Well, I would like our child to look like Adrean. And at the end, it will have something from both of us I guess.

    Back home, first thing I did was some nice fishing on my jetty. Alas, no catfish, but loads of weed again. Clara, who lives in the new chicken coop in my yard when Adrean is away, seemed to like it. So finally I have some use for it. The salad I made the other day did not turn out very well. At the end I was picking all the weeds back out and it was merely a melon salad. The evening ended with a nice chat with Miss Chryssie, who let me in on the newest gossip.


    And today I should think of packing for another journey. We have to visit Aunt Iris in Needlehole to tell her the good news. And then we want to go on to the dwarves, to look for some new recipes. Master Baro did not know any. He is simply a farmer and never looked into the kitchen in Thorin's Hall. And after that we should travel to Buckland, too. I am looking forward to meet Adrean's family and my so far unknown aunt Lara, but on the other hand I am very nervous about it. And about all the travelling. But Ma used to say that there might be a drop of Took blood in many family lines, even with us Chubbs. Well, Pa seems to have a load of it. Maybe he'll come with us. I'll go right away and ask him.
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    Diary ~ Entry 19 ~ To-Do List

    Winterfilth 8th, 2012
    1. Announce the wedding on Green Dragon Friday. Check!
    2. Ask the shirriff to conduct the ceremony. Check!
    3. Ask Master Peppy for help in the mill, need more flour for all them catfish cakes.
    4. Get more catfish. I don't know how many hobbits and dwarves will be there. More is always good. Dwarves are larger than hobbits, but do they eat more?
    5. Ask Master Baro how much dwarves usually eat at weddings.
    6. See Master Jiro to get the purest gold for the rings. Wait a moment, what did Adrean say? He wanted wooden rings. Dear me! Where do I get wooden rings? Nay, now I remember, he said he would not care for gold; he would marry me with wooden rings, too. So I guess gold is fine.
    7. Visit Miss Tibba to get the dress fixed. Remember to leave some space for increase of waist length due to the youngling growing so fast and to eating a lot that day. Good that she is such a great seamstress; she can fix it in an instant!
    8. See Master Simbo to order some dyes for the dress. White or not white? To dye or not to dye?
    9. Meet the bridesmaids for preparations and to discuss the colours.
    10. See Master Simbo again after deciding on the colours.
    11. Hide the dress somewhere where Adrean can't find it. Maybe ask Nimelia for help.
    12. Think of something useful for Pa to do, best outside of the house. His pacing around is making me even more nervous.
    13. Ask some musicians to play at the wedding, especially Miss Sevelda for her special song.
    14. Now that I think of it, Adrean might go and see the shirriff concerning bounder duties. I have to ask Miss Lina to hide the dress instead.
    15. Practise to write my new name. Oh, I can do that right now. Akelay Rumblebelly, Akelay Rumblebelly, Akelay Rumblebelly. I have some practice with a final y anyway. That should do. Check!
    16. Get the drinks to the haunted burrow in advance. My! I guess Pa can do that, so now I have something for him to do. Check! And check #12, too!
    17. Sleep a lot to look nice. Alas, no time for that. I can do that after the wedding.
    18. Bake the catfish cakes in the morning before the wedding, so they will be warm and fresh.
    19. Remember to change after baking the cakes! And don't wear oven mittens to the wedding!
    20. Go to the Ivy Bush to meet everyone there on Sunday, October 14h. Be in time. Don't let Master Bracegirdle or anyone distract you. Get married and live happily ever after.
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    Diary ~ Entry 20 ~ The Happiest Day of My Life

    Winterfilth 21st, 2012

    Dear me! I have had many happiest days already! Now that I think of it, even finding my pa was happy, although back then I did not have so much happy feelings for him. But now he has become a part of my family again, and a good one, too.
    The happiest day of my life was, when I first met Adrean. When we spent this lovely evening in Waymeet at the campfire and then, when I was about to leave, he asked me if he might court me.
    The happiest day of my life was, when Adrean played his lovely song for me - and then asked me to marry him. And that was not very long after the first happiest day.


    The happiest day of my life was, when Gardenia told me that we are going to have a youngling. How happy Adrean was, when I told him, and how he had to tell everyone later in the Ivy Bush.
    And the happiest day of my life was last Sunday, when during Nannie's Ghost Walk through the Haunted Burrow, the Shirriff did a beautiful ceremony for us and we became Mr. and Ms. Rumblebelly. Our wedding day.

    I was so nervous and so happy the whole day, I even forgot about the largest pile of catfish cakes I had ever made. I had one hundred catfish cakes prepared, a little more even, as Simbo was supposed to be there, too. And then I forgot all about them. That hot spooky costume made everything worse. I wonder what the dwarves made it of. I can surely use it when travelling to the cold north for ice fishing again. But for the time being, there is no plan of going ice fishing. No plan for anything apart from being totally happy and remembering that wonderful day. How great of Nannie to let us have the wedding during the Ghost Walk. It was lovely to see so many hobbits with lanterns marching into the Haunted Burrow! I guess it was very spooky, but I was even too nervous to be afraid of anything. I am glad me Adrean was there with me, in a smiling pumpkin mask. And me pa, too. And Chryssie and Rhinnie and Lina and Simbo and Tibba and Nimelia and Sevelda and many other friends. I would even have been happy to see Matzo. Since he gave me that huge jar of jam for our baby hobbit, he has got a place in my heart, too. That was so thoughtful of him!

    But back to the haunted burrow. It was fun walking through there with all the other hobbits. Especially the dark spots, where not even the lanterns did help anymore. Everyone was running in every direction, bustling about like ants, that was really funny. We visited every spot of the main cellar, went on to the cobwebbed wing - and when we came to the secret room in there, Nannie gave over to Shirriff Nimelia, who started the ceremony. She said beautiful words, and a few hobbits started to sniff, including me.


    Then I peeled myself out of the costume and Adrean saw my beautiful dress and flower wreath and the bouquet, that was actually a gourd. All in orange. From the looks of him, he loved it. I know he loves orange most of all colours. Who would have thought a few weeks ago that I once would become an Orangelay voluntarily? And that even for our wedding?
    But then Adrean spun around, removing his costume, too, and there he stood, in the most elegant black suit with a beautifully embroidered collar, his eyes shining at me and I was the happiest lass in Middle-earth! I remember we said aye at some point, and I remember the bridesmaids, Miss Rhinnie and Miss Chryssie gave us the rings, and then Adrean showered me with flower petals and Pa cried. And then we were Mr. and Ms. Rumblebelly. The next moment, the most beautiful melody resounded and Simbo, my new cousin in law, sang a wonderful new text he had composed for this very occasion. This is when I started crying, too.


    We had a lot more music and dancing, up in Bag Ends and later outside, right behind Lobelia's back and under a starlit sky. Miss Sevelda was playing her special song for us, and many badgers played along, and then Adrean sang his lovely songs for me and I sang the one I had written for him. The gourd throwing went a little wrong. At my first try, nobody caught the gourd at all. And at the second try, somehow all the lasses got little pieces of it, while the largest piece was caught by Simbo with his foot - and not with his belly, what you'd think. But also the happiest day has to end somewhen - in this case only with the dawning of a new day.


    And then, of course, the day before it was our 5th year of the Order! And finally Pa took the misterious yellow dress and gave it to ... Miss Rowana! And his song at the talent show was dedicated all to her! So I guess Master Jiro will not be his enemy after all and all is well. No time to write more detailed about the 3-course anniversary meal competition, the tart baking competition and the talent competition. The latter I missed, because I had to be in the kitchen for preparing the wedding catfish cakes. But Pa came back beaming and told me he won. But now I really have to leave for another concert of the STROOOOOOOOOOLLLERS!


    For more pictures of the Haunted Burrow Ghost Walk and the Spooky Wedding see:
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    Diary ~ Entry 21 ~ To Needlehole and Back Again - Twice

    Foreyule 3rd, 2012

    Pa has gone to "look if things are all right" at the kinship hall - but I think he is just hoping to find Miss Rowana there. I have some quiet time finally to sit down and write into my diary. Here I am, drinking some nice hot elder blossom tea and re-thinking the events of the last weeks while the little hobbit in my belly is practicing the Bywater Bouncing Dance. She or he seems to be rather fond of it. I like to think it will be a she, and I have decorated the small room in pink already. Hope it will be a she now, or I would have to re-decorate it. For the cold time, Pa put the little bed into the lower levels of the burrow and set up a wonderful snow globe. It looks lovely! There will be enough time to put the bed back since the little one is only due in early summer.


    Finally we made the trip to Needlehole and despite her being a little grumpy at first because she had not been told about our wedding in advance, Auntie Iris liked Adrean a lot and was very generous with her famous biscuits. And I enjoyed to show Adrean around, to show him the little house where I had grown up, the jetty, my favourite fishing spot below the willow on the other side of the river and the dwarven house, of course, and even the door behind the stables where I used to sneak in as a little lass.


    It seemed so much smaller! Must have shrunk within these last years. I was overwhelmed to be back in Needlehole, but at the same time having been away long enough to be able to see it "through a stranger's eyes"; and this lead to me writing a little song about it – a very little one, the Needlehole Polka. I do feel at home in Bramblebury, but Needlehole will always be my home, too.


    Although I have been so happy all the time, Adrean could not help but notice that I was of short breath and quite exhausted from our little trip. So we decided that I would stay a few days with Auntie Iris before going back with her when she is visiting Uncle Bungo in Michel Delving - and that Adrean would go on his trip to the dwarves alone. He is enjoying it a lot and writes me letters almost every day about the new recipes he has found. Some sound a little ... well ... adventurous, but then there are hobbits who make slug ale or furry ale (dear me, that poor jury of the ale brewing competition), so I am sure when Adrean adjusts them a little to hobbit taste they will be grand. And maybe next time I will be able to go with him - or better, we will be able to go all three.
    I had not been back for a week when the Historical Field trip brought me back to Needlehole again. As a little hobbit lass I had always thought Ulfar was exaggerating greatly when he told me about the dwarves' achievements in history, but now I was taught by Miss Lina and Miss Rowana that he had been right about everything! There I was, having grown up in Needlehole, and not even knowing half of its interesting history! It was a wonderful field trip, the food was great, too, we all enjoyed the music and the fishing and the interesting epic poem cousin Simbo cited about one of my ancestors, and I also sang my new Needlehole Polka.

    (Task: Can you find Master Hooh on this tiny picture?)

    Again I stayed a few days with Auntie Iris before going back to Bramblebury, where I found five letters from Adrean in my mailbox. He seems to want to research all dwarven recipes that were ever written.
    And then there was another nice surprise at the Green Dragon: Master Lingard is back! He arrived at the Dragon almost at the same time Miss Ylissa and I arrived; and it was so great to see him again! When I was talking to him it was as if he had never left the Shire and as if we had last time met at the Dragon only yesterday. And then he said something about the two hobbit lasses he had liked most of all getting married while he was gone. And his friendly compliments about my dancing made me blush; but they also reminded me of my Adrean, who always says such nice things to me. I wonder if he is having some dancing there with the dwarves, too. I will ask him in my next letter. And while these days I am only jigging slightly when the Bouncing Song is played, the little youngling seems to know this song very well and is kicking it off already at the first few notes. Dear me, this will be quite a bouncing hobbit!
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    Diary ~ Entry 22 ~ Lost And Found

    Thrimidge 3rd, 2013

    Here you are again, my dear old diary! I was looking around for weeks without finding you, and could not imagine where I had lost you - until to my very surprise a small package arrived from Winterhome today!
    Winterhome. Where Miss Nimelia had invented a new method to get rid of the dirty dishes from the Kinship Hall. Makes me smile when I think about it. At least back then I was still able to move around - and to misplace my dear diary, as it turns out. It is getting harder every day now to get up from chairs and benches and I don't really understand how the other hobbit lasses manage that.


    Can't really imagine that one day I will be able to jump again to the Bywater Bouncing song. Tonight surely not!
    I finished my new recipe just in time and I think it turned out well. Hope the jury will think the same. Dear me, it is harder to take part in a competition when there is a titel to defend. But even harder it will be to get to the Green Dragon tonight. Maybe Pa can help me onto my good old pony Salama? And maybe a neighbour would be so kind as to take the load of pies along - there must be enough for the jury and for all the other guests to taste!
    My beloved Adrean is still missing. I am sure he found a great new source for recipes and has dug himself deeply into a pile of cooking books in some library. Yesterday I met Master Barkgrim who also asked me about my husband - seems the dwarves like his dishes as much as I do! Well, time for my lunch now - luckily there are more than enough pies. If I eat one now, the load for tonight will be a little less. Good thought!


    Watching the fireworks after the Green Dragon Anniversary, wearing the largest clothes I could find that the youngling and I would fit in together
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    Diary ~ Entry 23 ~ Lyshko

    Wedmath 12th, 2013


    There he is. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Look at the small fingers, so tiny and so perfect already. And the cutest feet, with the softest hair on them. He has my green eyes. And gaffer Ryngo was so touched that I named him after his pa, Lyshko's great grandpa Lyshko Shrubland of Staddle. Eek, he is crying, I gotta go.
    That was on the 24th of Thrimidge, just after little Lyshko was born. Now, more than two months later I am sitting here in Needlehole out in the sunshine, while auntie Iris is having little Lyshko on her lap, feeding him mashed catfish pie, his favourite, and I finally have time to fill this diary of mine a little more. Auntie Iris gives me a broad grin as she recognizes the diary that was a present from her quite some time ago. So much has happened. Where to begin?

    I actually had planned to write down every tiny thing little Lyshko does. Every blink of his eyes. But apart from that something terrible happened that changed our lives in an unforeseen way, he also keeps me quite busy and the times when he sleeps are busy, too. Thankfully Gaffer Ryngo seems to be determined to make up for everything that he missed with me and helps where he can. He is a great gaffer. I often get an evening off to see my friends, play music with them or dance and play at the Dragon. And when I come home, Pa lies squeezed and folded in Lyshko's little bed or in his hammock sleeping while little Lyshko is awake and beams at me and giggles at every snore of his gaffer.

    The only thing that is missing is his Pa Adrean. He went to get a special recipe from the dwarves for Lyshko's Welcome Party and has not come back since. He missed Lyshko's birth. While at first I thought that digging into recipe books has made him completely forget time - would not be the first time - now I am afraid that something really bad and terrible has happened to him. There was this Green Dragon Friday when I thought he had returned. I saw him, and some others, too. But he did not dance with us; instead he sat down on a bench and watched us dancing. Some even swear he had little Lyshko on his lap. And then he disappeared into thin air, just like it is said about Master Bilbo's disappearance. So now I think that maybe that was his ghost coming to say good-bye to us. None of the dwarves I questioned have seen me Adrean since that strange Friday, and no one else has, either. Every night when I sing Lyshko's lullaby and look at his face that reminds me so much of his pa’s, I wonder what has happened. Maybe he was squashed to death by a pile of recipe books - that might not be the worst death for a hobbit. Only a pile of pies would be better.

    But it seems to me as if all Order hobbits and even some from outside the Order have adopted little Lyshko. They all care for him and help me to baby-sit. We had a Baby Welcome party, and such a grand party it was! Music was there and pies and so many hobbits came, and even two dwarves! Miss Tibba is his guarding gourd-mother now, and little Lyshko even got his own lullaby, written by Miss Lina to a melody that was one of my absolute favourites already. I sing it to him every night, and I am sure he soon will start humming along.


    As I have grown really close to the dwarves in Needlehole, I wanted Lyshko to be close to them, too, and asked Master Barkgrim to be his guarding gourd-father. And not only did Master Barkgrim agree, he also brought another, very important dwarf with him, who gave Lyshko a dwarven made necklace and said Lyshko was adopted into Master Barkgrim’ s clan now. I think that is something good and when Lyshko has grown a bit we have to go and find out more about that.


    Miss Freoda could not come to the party, but she sent us lovely flowers arrangements that are now in the house - still blooming. A dwarven friend of her also sent us some really good ale - and from what I hear, really strong, too. I did not try it, of course.

    The first guest was Miss Yllisa. She gave him a rolling pin that he grabbed with his small fist immediately and would not let go again. His first toy.

    Then Lyshko got a book about honey from Master Jardic, who also helped giving out the food and drinks at the party. A very nice lad, really! And Miss Zara gave him a beautiful mobile with dangling stars on it. I tried to attach it to the chandelier in the living room, but it would not work. Then Master Baro agreed to have the mobile hung up in the main room of the Friends of Clover Farm, and there it is now. We are visiting them every other day to get fresh vegetables and mushrooms anyway and Lyshko loves to lie under it and watch the stars turn slowly in the breeze that comes in through the windows.

    And then there is the little kitten from Miss Acorne. Lyshko has called it Baaah, which might be due to the fact that Baaah is all he can say so far. But there, Baaah it is. Kitty Baaah and Lyshko really do love each other - and they do love to drive me crazy. When they start playing, I am not sure whom to rescue from the other, they are both scratching and biting each other. But when I try to separate them, they both start crying, and at night they sleep so peacefully on the same pillow, they are inseparable.

    Lyshko loves his tiny rattle that Miss Spriggy has made for him. Sometimes he wants to have the rattle in one hand and the little pickaxe from Shirriff Nimelia in the other. Although, when he is asleep I remove the pickaxe – that is not the right thing to sleep with for a little baby hobbit, is it? I mean, I was already five or six, when I took my first little pickaxe into my bed. Hehe, I guess Ma never knew about that.

    The tiny little lute from Uncle Simbo stays up at the cupboard. He has to grow a little older before he can use that – while the set of knitted little clothes from his gourd-mother, Miss Tibba, is fitting perfectly already. And the lovely little fishing suit will soon, too. One or two weeks more and he can wear it. You can almost watch him grow.

    Somehow it seems only right, that now little Lyshko has my pa with him, while I did not have him as a little hobbit. I had the neighbourhood dwarves and Auntie Iris instead, and uncle Bungo came visiting often enough from Michel Delving - whenever the business at the auction house allowed him to leave. Little Lyshko has his gaffer and a guarding gourd-mother and gourd-father, and so many neighbours and friends who love to spend time with him. On the Sunday when the Grand Fishing Museum was opened by Master Ponso from the Shire Angling Club, Miss Yusra was staying with him, feeding him another mashed pie and taking care of him until Pa returned. That was sooooo nice of her! After the opening, I went home to find Lyshko and his gaffer fast asleep in the hammock. Such a lovely sight, it made me smile.

    Actually, every day little Lyshko makes me smile and forget my sadness, and so do my friends, too. The summer festival has come – but unfortunately without a new dress. And thus I decided to skip the festivities, get out of the turbulence (loads of lankyshanks roaming the Shire these days) and have a little vacation in quiet Needlehole. Apart from the dwarves looking for swamp gas that is coming up in green bubbles from the Rushock Bog grounds these summer days, no one is passing through. And I really wonder: What do they want with all that swamp gas? I have to ask Master Ulfar, maybe it has something to do with mining, and that would be really interesting to know.
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    Diary ~ Entry 24 ~ Pa is restless and Yule is near

    Foreyule 17th, 2013

    These last weeks were busy times indeed, and additionally we have caught a cold. First Pa, then little Lyshko and afterwards me. We had to stay not only inburrows for weeks, but also in bed and we drank loads of tea, but in the end it helped and now we are fine and up and about again. Then it was Yule preparations keeping me busy, while my diary was collecting more and more dust. But now that gaffer Ryngo and little Lyshko have gone for a walk (well, only Pa, Lyshko is not walking yet, so Pa will carry him) to visit the Yule tree at the kinship house, while I am spending some quiet minutes at home and have time finally for wrapping presents and for some drawings and diary scribblings.
    Pa is running in and out these days and can't sit calm for a minute. I guess he is looking for a nice present for Miss Rowana and has not found one yet. He was really disappointed that she was not there for the Historical Fieldtrip to Tuckborough. He was so determined to go there and play his Willow Tree Song for her her, but then she did not come. Pa came back in a bad mood, even murmuring something about Simbo better keeping his nose in his pies and dyes than interfering with him, and being restless and unhappy ever since. Hope the walk with Lyshko to the kinship house will cheer him up. I did not believe for a moment that the Yule tree was the main reason to go there, but Lyshko will love it anyway.


    Yesterday we had the Yule Tree Lightening, and it was lovely! Miss Lina held a speech and had a set of lovely songs prepared that we played and some visitors had come - even some hobbits I did not know yet - and were singing and dancing with us. The Yule tree was quite heavy and the needles pointy (ouch), but a very beautiful tree it is, and very large!


    And afterwards we rode together to the dwarven lands, where a Shades concert took place. I knew the Shades make lovely music, even with them all being lankyshanks, but that the story line to their songs was all about the Shire and hobbits and dwarves was a lovely surprise. It also reminded me of the day I joined the order, since it was also a day of a Shades concert.


    It was another nice opportunitiy to meet the gourd-father of little Lyshko, our dear Barkgrim. Not that we don't meet him every Friday in the Green Dragon anyway. Last Friday, he had asked me to play the song that is commonly known as the JirOre Song nowadays. We all were astonished to hear that he did not know it yet and fulfilled his wish with pleasure. Many a dwarve's eyes were shining when we played it. Trust them dwarrows to like a song about ore!


    This time at the concert, we enjoyed others doing the music and just dancing and listening to the story that had some interesting twists to it. It was a lovely evening, but not much chance to chitchat. Maybe I should find a date to invite him for tea and pie at our home in Bramblebury, and also the guarding gourd-mother Miss Tibba. Little Lyshko can show them how he can crawl around already, and say "pie", and sing his lullaby - well, to be honest only the one small part where the word pie occurs, and sometimes also some parts where it does not occur but he sings it anyway. And recently he discovered his love for his gaffer's drum - maybe another reason for Pa to be so restless. I better don't tell him that Miss Rowana was at the concert yesterday or he will never do the Lyshko sitting again on such evenings! Hope he never finds out!

    Oh, I think I hear them coming back! Now I must hurry and hide their presents!
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    Diary ~ Entry 25 ~ Celebrations and New Babysitters

    Thrimidge 30th, 2014

    With a little hobbit lad, one has always plenty to do and with me pa frequently frequenting the Shire inns, I am always happy when someone comes and takes care of my little one, so I can have an evening off once in a while. Fridays are especially complicated, as everyone wants to go to the Green Dragon, but Master Bracegirdle has turned out to be grand with little hobbits, something he did not even know himself.


    Spring is here, and so are the festivals - and with them a much greater need for babysitters. First of all was of course the Bullroarer Took Day. This year, there were not only us Greenbrambles playing, but a whole lot of hobbit bands, as famous as the Songburrow Strollers and the Pudding Riots! And grand songs we all played, too! Of course there was the "Wearing Of The Green" by Master Peppy, and my favourite sad song "The Town I Loved So Well" by Miss Lina which, as always, made us all shed some tears. And I believe I have never heard so many different songs about the Great Bullroarer in one day!


    I missed the Fireworks Festival and Gandalf's visit in the Shire this year, but then, we do have the best fireworks in Middle-earth at our Green Dragon anyway, don't we? Especially when celebrating the 6th year of the Green Dragon Fridays, my, that was a firework! This year, I did not take part in the pie-baking competition and was also a little sad that I had forgotten to apply for the jury - until I saw the craban pie made by Miss Allegretta, that is. And I had believed that after the slug pie nothing could surprise me anymore.


    And now, the Spring Festival is here. It is my favourite festival in whole Middle-earth, I simply love the Maze, and this year the gardeners have even recreated it, some new hedges were planted where there were none before and some others were torn down.

    On Saturday, I took Lyshko first to the shrew pest garden in Duillond, and he had a lot of fun. When I told him about an hour later that we had to leave for the Maze, he did not want to, and the elves tried to talk me into leaving him there with the funny shrews and offered to take care of him while I could have time to enjoy the other spring festival activities. After Miss Lobster Oil or somet swore to feed him a large piece of pie every hour, I agreed. And then I spend the rest of the day alone in the Maze to get lost and found again and to dwell on happy memories.
    When I came back, it turned out that Miss Lobster Oil or somet, oh, I think Lobethuil or Logethuil it was, had been a grand baby sitter and that Master Twofoot, who had happened to come by, had also taken care of my little one. He even taught him to say "shrew" and "Lina", which as good as doubled Lyshko's vocabulary. Now he can say "pie", "maaahmaaah", "gaffaaah", "noooh", "shew" and "Nina". I keep wondering though why Master Twofoot had been mentioning Miss Lina in connection with shrews.

    The only thing is, on that day little Lyshko made friends with an especially importunate shrew. She seems to love him and follows him everywhere, even loves to sit in his hammock with him. But. When little Lyshko is asleep, which is quite a lot with a hobbit toddler, Shyla ("Shyna!") the Shrew is following me or Pa. Grand.


    On Sunday, we decided to celebrate Lyshko's first birthday in Needlehole. It was a small family party with only Ryngo and Lyshko, and then Auntie Iris and Uncle Bungo, who had come over from Michel Delving, and me. Of course, there will be a larger party in July, where the trhee of us will celebrate our birthdays together. It quite reminded me of my own childhood birthday parties. When Lyshko and I went to see Ulfar and Onar, they were not home, only one lonely dwarf sitting outside the dwarven house, grumbling something about missing it all. It turned out there was a dwarven wedding on the same day and everyone had gone there. They had been drawing stones, and he had drawn the one with fool's gold and thus he had to stay behind as halls sitter.
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