Poem An Odd Romance

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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Here is my first poem of the year! Written for the Romance Ball at the Methel Stage.

    An Odd Romance

    There comes a time for every lad
    To see there's love there to be had
    And so the day arrives at last
    For their chance to woo a lass

    In Overhill there lived a lad
    He'd spied a lass, that made him glad
    He got his nerve to make a start
    On winning this young lass's heart
    But what was this poor lad to do?
    For skills and talents, he had but few
    No way with words each time he spoke
    Nor counted with the handsome folk

    Just start with flowers, the lad had read
    He picked some white, some blue, some red
    Then wandered to the lass's farm
    With bouquets that would surely charm
    But there a goat thought they were lunch
    And on the flowers it tried to munch
    The lass she gave a mighty laugh
    As the goat pursued him down the path

    But next, the lad had just the thing
    He'd caught a bird to sweetly sing
    The lass would be impressed with that
    He put the bird beneath his hat
    He stood outside her small homestead
    And took the hat from off his head
    The lass just stood and laughed right there
    The bird had pooped all on his hair

    But once the lad had cleaned his suit
    He then returned; in hand a flute
    Because the lad knew well enough
    That music is the food of love
    But I've said before; he had no skill
    The flute just made a curdling shrill
    He terrified a nearby calf
    And still the lass did naught but laugh

    As yet the lad was not deterred
    For lasses like to dance he'd heard
    And so he'd thought it best of all
    To dance upon the farmyard wall
    But as the lass was walking by
    He slipped and fell into a sty
    And covered head to toe in muck
    He could not move, his feet were stuck

    The lad he thought he'd lost his chance
    He'd missed out on a fine romance
    The lass approached, but then she grinned
    And offered out her hand to him
    She said, "My lad, I do believe"
    "You really are the one for me"
    "I want someone to make me laugh"
    "But first, you really need a bath...."
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  2. Potty Member

    A grand poem and a wonderful event!

    Thank yer Master Simbo and all the Hobbits from Shire Rose!
  3. Pycella Member

    Such a lovely poem, Master Simbo! *cheers* It made me laugh quite a few times!

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