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    This is the poem my cousin Timblewoot told at the Odd Socks party on the 26th May!

    Odd Socks

    A grumbulous bird is sat calling at me
    Atop of the knottled old Duffleroot tree
    It twittles aloud
    And shralls at the clouds
    It's one of the strangest of creatures to see

    And standing closeby in a Yubblethorn field
    A grubbling bounder is waving a shield
    He spibbles and swails
    Whilst quilping some ale
    I leave the odd bounder alone in the field

    And there in a farm are some wooppily sheep
    Some guaffing, some lurfing, on deliful feet
    And glubulous pigs
    Are fenching on twigs
    This farm is a place where odd animals meet

    It's really a queer old land all around
    The oddest of creatures, the wierdest sounds
    But there's just one more
    The weirdest, I'm sure
    For the Socks are the oddest of folk that I've found!

    Inspiration for this poem (in the use of nonsense words, that is) comes from Master Lewis Carroll's poem The Jabberwocky. Hopefully none of the words I made up are rude words in other languages......

    Also, for those who are not sure, The Socks is the name given to themselves by four Hobbit friends (lead by Miss Taigeis, but also including myself as my alt Timblewoot, along with Tinsella and Penina) who started adventuring together many years ago, and still adventure together every Thursday. The reason behind the name is lost in the mists of time.....
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