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    A remarkable journey can sometimes start with a little thing. Like a letter found in a bottle. Or a button missing from a favourite jacket. Or... a rusty axe.

    It was the latter that Miss Fleur brought to Songburrow Hall one day. She had been travelling recently, looking for new fishing places and counting fish, and had snagged the axe out of a river in a far-away land. It had been very rusty, but Miss Fleur had cleaned it up after her return home, to the point that faint letters could be made out. But what they said remained a mystery. Nimelia's offer to "hammer them out, no trouble" was politely declined, and even Lina, well versed in lore, could not make heads or tail of them. So the hobbits present decided to find the owner of the axe. A guess was made that it could be a dwarvish axe, and after a bit of discussion, the party packed their bags, bid farewell to the Hall, and set off for the river where Miss Fleur had originally landed the axe.

    Once there, it was soon clear that it must have been washed down from someplace up-river, perhaps even from the mountains that could be seen in the distance. Therefore, the group of hobbits broke their camp and set out along the river towards the mountains.


    After being forced to cross the river (which was very cold and very wet), the hobbits found a small village, inhabited by most unfriendly big people. And they found something most shocking indeed.


    There was no indication who the lad had been, but he still wore the one-feathered cap of a bounder. Nimelia guessed he was one of those who had left the Shire to help the big people out with their tasks. If so, it was a terrible price he paid for his kindness. The party managed to move the body of the poor lad out of the village, and they interred him at a place not far from there, on a slope, with a wonderful view of the lands. Rest in peace, unknown bounder.

    Not long after, while still following the river, the hobbits saw a most peculiar sight. Could it be... a dragon?


    Whatever it was, it took exception to being stared at by four hobbits, and got a tad angry...


    It was a hard fight, but the hobbits managed to prevail. And of course they were very proud to have managed to fight a dragon...


    But not all encounters were violent. For example, there was a man who was most helpful and provided an important clue to where the owner of the axe might live.


    And the party even met another hobbit, this one thankfully alive and well. Naturally, that's where the really important questions got asked.


    Still, it was a very long and cold ascent up that snow-topped mountain, fraught with perils like slippery slopes (and here it might be noted that Miss Lina should not be left alone when standing close to a ledge) and half-frozen rivers crossing the path.


    But thinking of food helped everyone through, and a shout of "We got biscuits" made Lina reclimb that mountain in record time, and finally the party arrived at a camp fire right outside the lone dwarf's dwelling, where they took a moment to catch their breaths and collect themselves.


    After a bit of rest, the hobbits finally talked to the lone dwarf, who agreed to take a look at the axe. According to him, the letters are very old, and it will take him a while to read them. Lucky for him he has a lot of books to look up the letters. In return for his efforts, he wanted the party to do a bit of cleaning at the mountain's foot, where the path up starts. Nothing too strenuous, just shooing away a few bats called gwivers or something similar, giving a stern talking to to the rude big people (who the dwarf amusingly called giants) and collecting a few eggs. Well, he said smash them, so apparently he wanted the party to have a good breakfast with them. Such kindness was naturally well received.


    So all is well that ends well. The party spent the night in the dwarf's dwelling. Since the dwarf will work on the letters for some time, the hobbits will return to do these little tasks for the dwarf as soon as they are well rested and ready.
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  2. Lina Chief

    A grand travel journal, Tibba! Quite a journey it was, them's some strange lands out there.

    We best have a closer look at them papers the poor bounder had on him as well. I wonder what had led him that far from the Shire?
  3. Rubellita Member

    A great story, Miss Tibba! A bit sad at times *gives a solemn salute to the fallen unknown bounder*, but victory in the end! Well, the end?.. To be continued!
    And well done, all you brave hobbits! *cheers*
  4. Lully Member

    A grand adventure! And nicely related.

    *doesn't mention that sittin by the fire with biscuits and milk while Nimelia hammered those letters smooth would have been easier*
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  5. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    And after a bit of a rest and a lot of meals, while the lads had a stroll up north to check on reports of failing mushroom harvests, we lasses returned to do the dwarf's tasks.

    We managed to find a mathom he had lost, but when we returned it to him, it turned out there were more tasks than he first had mentioned. Of course, we were a bit disappointed about that.


    But of course, we went on. Even though things were not quite what he had made them seem. For instance the "giants" turned out to be a lot bigger than we would have thought!


    And let's not talk about the "bats"...


    At least the eggs were plenty. And huge!


    The really big people did not react well to our diplomatic approach...


    And that was with us already walking on eggshells. There's simply no pleasing some folk.

    So with a few bruises and a lot of yolk all over our clothes, we returned to the dwarf, only to learn that the inscription on the axe simply meant...


    I guess next time, we will ask Miss Lully what to do with any old axes.

    Still, after returning to the Shire and having a good soak, and some pie and biscuits afterwards, spirits were high again, and it was a happy party that retired to their beds, eager to see what the next adventure would bring.

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