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    You wander about in Songburrow and pass a small little house, but as you get closer, you notice the sweet smell of cheese being made, but then you hear a squashy boom, and Adelaskar rushes out of the door. He coughs and splutters, but bravely rushes into the house again. Who is this young hobbit?

    Adelaskar Fussyfoot is a fellow cheesemaker, and expert and master in the arts of cheesecraft, in fact, he is said to be the best cheesemaker in the whole of the South Farthing. He sells cheese to many inns of the Shire, and dreams of a larger dairy. Adelaskar, has dark and curly hair, and his face is covered by countless freckles. He is often happy and satisfied, but if his cheesemaking is disturbed, he'll go very irritated.

    RP Experience:
    Lotro is the first game I have ever RP'd in, I started RP'ing 1-2 years after started playing the game, I joined Bree Guard, Shirelings, Friends of the Shire Bree Civilians and, well, all sorts of RP kinships.

    LOTRO Experience:
    I started playing Lotro two years ago, I was in Gilrain first, but I haven't been in any MMORPG before, so it was quite a jump. I'm not really fast in leveling, beacuse the highest level I have been is 36. I take my time, nearly too much.

    Adelaskar is a level 33 Hunter, Journeyman Cook, Journeyman Farmer, and an Apprentice Tailor, I have planned to level him higher, but I'll wait a bit.

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