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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    It's always hard talking about yourself...I don't know why, because who knows you better?
    Anyway, Hobbits of the Grand Order, Hello I am Bootsy Frogfurlong *bows* I am a Minstrel but have also been known to make the odd garment...I do mean odd, I once made a shirt with three sleeves. *giggles*
    Sorry that was a bad joke. *ahem*
    I was born and raised in the Shire, not far from the Frogmorton with my big brother Throngol *puffs out with pride* He is now living in Bree! Can you believe it?
    I'm a bit of a wanderer who likes to explore and I take great pleasure in finding new places and learning new songs and tunes, I like to add them to my collection. It was only recently I started to play them in public.
    A certain Hobbit heard me practicing and insisted I should and I have had many compliments on my playing. *whispers* "Thanks Simbo" I'm a bit shy when I first meet people, but soon warm up to their company, so don't let that put you off.I also have a habit of waffling on when I'm nervous. *blushes*

    [2] RP Experience
    Apart from a large amount of paper based RP in my teens (D&D was new then) I have only had a limited amount since joining Laurelin server.I am, I suppose, a newbie to the whole online RP world. I am enjoying it wholeheartedly. Whilst my typing speed is slowly improving, so is my RP. Bootsy is my first female character, I am male and have always played male toons in other MMO games.
    Originally she was supposed to be an alt toon to send items from my main as a warehouse toon, she however had other plans. I now find myself playing Bootsy more than Throngol (my original main toon). I'm sure a psychologist would dance a happy jig and start muttering about the Id or something on reading this *grin*

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    I joined LotRO on the free trial...about 3 weeks ago. The first week I spent on another English server, however found the constant LOL and PMSL in chat detracted from the game.
    I am no longer on the free trial, in fact I bought the game after three days into the trial.
    One of the reasons is I have always loved the writings of JRRT, so to immerse myself in his world is wonderful. I have also discovered the music system, I am now searching the net for obscure old traditional tunes and converting them for Bootsy to play.

    [4] Character
    What can I say about Bootsy that she hasn't already said herself? She is a fiercely loyal Hobbit who will stand up to the biggest foe if it meant keeping her friends or family safe. She is a shy little thing, who's first love is her "Lost tunes". She likes to play them but is somewhat stage-struck when it comes to performing in front of others, but a friendly face in the crowd can and does make her step beyond her fears. She looks up to her brother Throngol to the point of hero worship, even though she is fully aware of his faults.
    She tries to hide her shyness with humour, sometimes this can get her into trouble. She is a young Hobbit who hasn't fully learned all the social graces expected of her in polite company.

    I would say her character is, in brief: Shy, loyal, brave, naive and friendly.

    She is currently level 15, which I know is below the minimum requirement for entry. I would like to have this application considered on a "for future reference" status.

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