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Discussion in 'Applications' started by Rowana, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Hullo, I'm Cammie Smitherlings. Strangely perhaps, for a hobbit, I'm a bit of a wanderer, and as most hobbits know, wandering has a habit of getting you in trouble. I was born and raised... well, all over the shire. I can't say exactly where I was born, because my mum, Sassy, found me bundled up in Bindbole woods whilst she was on one of her many trips collecting firewood. It was her that taught me to play an instrument. Thankfully, I'm better than her at it after years of practise, but I suppose she is a little deaf. I worry about her, she's always wandering the woods looking for her lost marbles - someone said she'd lost them once and I guess she's been looking for them ever since.
    Despite my wanderings, I am very close to my parents and often return home to take them fresh baked pies, made with the fruit and vegetables Dad grows on his little farming patch. Dad loves visitors, so if you want to pop by and see them, their caravan is the one with a lot of firewood - bless mum - stacked up outside of it, in waymeet.
    Dad always said I was like mum in that sometimes I don't think before I speak and this also has a habit of getting you in trouble. I must remember....Dwarves are not just like hobbits, only fatter and hairier, and if they should overhear you thinking that then it can be quite uncomfortable as hiding behind chairs on a wooden floor often is.
    I did work really hard by finding gems and metals and making jewellery, and by buying a lovely hobbit hole just outside of michel delving, in the hope that my aging parents would be more comfortable there, but I guess they are happy where they are right now.
    I must be honest here though. I did a bad thing. See, the mathom society had a beautiful dress for sale and I gave them some mathoms I found so I could buy the dress for a play that I got invited to. I felt a little sheepish when I realised that one of the ladies there had lost a mathom. I hope one of the ones I traded wasn't that ladys, because you find them in all sorts of strange places. Just the other day in fact, whilst out looking for rubies a rather nasty hillman jumped out at me. I think he may have been a little blind and maybe thought I was something he could eat for lunch. I got rid of him by bashing him with my pie tin, and he dropped a mathom in his hurry to escape.
    Anyway, I must go now, Dad says mum has gone off looking for yet more firewood as it's the winter in a few months again, and she must be prepared. I'd better go make sure she's ok. Cammie

    [2] RP Experience
    Hmmm, RP experience. Well, I wasn't rich enough to be able to afford D&D but anyway it was kind of old by the time I reached the age where RP was interesting... so, my friends and I made one up. Paper based (when we remembered) but mostly we just had fun being someone else for a while. It is a while ago, so I'm a little out of practice and I think along the way I lost a little imagination because I find it quite daunting at times. It is getting easier the more I do though, so hopefully I'll be in the swing of it again soon.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    Eek! I first joined LOTRO 3 or 4 months back, and I confess, I really didn't like it. The things that I disliked about it then, after playing another game that shall not be mentioned, are now the things I love strangely. I've only been playing for a matter of weeks though, so very new.
    I play often... it's so easy to get sucked into such a beautiful world. I am fairly shy, so I've not been in fellowship often, though I have worked with Anysia and Bootsy. I much prefer to raid with people I know than just a random group. Leadership experience. Hmm. Will it hurt my application to say I'm absolutely an incompetent leader? I'm terrible at it. *ahem* I follow orders well though. Best to get these things out in the open early on!

    [4] Character
    My character is a LV 37 (and growing fast) Minstrel.
    Tinker is her profession, and she's fast getting high levels in all facets.
    She's a hobbit, and my main character also. I have no other kinships either now or before applying to yourselves.
  2. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Re: Application for Cammie [CONSIDERATION]

    Hello Cammie
    It was good to meet you the other evening at Songburrow, and those pies... well I couldn't have baked better myself. You most certainly do sound the sort of hobbit that would make an excellent addition to the Grand Order. I will be speaking to you very soon, no doubt.

    ((Don't worry about the leadership experience, we have a great variety of members, some who enjoy leading others who do not. It won't effect the application in any way, just useful for us to know))

    [SPONSOR] Rowana
  3. Bootsy Member

    Re: Application for Cammie [CONSIDERATION]

    *waves* Hello Cammie.

    I am so glad you contacted Rowana *nods*

    I think you'd be a great addition to the Order.
    We can help with your music and *as tactfully as possible* help to polish your performance.

    Oh, and I dropped a sack of taters off at your Dad's Burrow-van.

    ((OOC - as most of you know Cammie is my RL wife so I will abstain from comment because it will be biased))
  4. Patula Member

    Re: Application for Cammie [CONSIDERATION]

    It was great having you at the Green Dragon last night Cammie!

    ((Hereby I would like to sponsor her))
    SPONSOR: Tula
  5. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Welcome to the Grand Order Cammie, and well done in impressing us, we do take some convincing. We shall have a (slightly) more official welcome at our next meeting.
  6. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome to the Grand Order, Miss Cammie!

    Wasn't there talk of pies being baked...?

    *Rubs belly in anticipation*
  7. Pellinor Member

    Welcome aboard!
  8. Jiro Master of the Forge

    Someone mention pies?
  9. Cammie Guest

    Hello, and thank you for having, onto more serious matters. Pie!

    Thing is, I tried to bake some blueberry tart the other day, in Michel Delving, only I overfilled it somewhat, and well, the ovens there are now a bit of a mess, and poor Jewel is not happy with me at all, as it took her a long time to scrub it clean.

    I'm wondering exactly how I can make sure the filling doesn't overflow, whilst making sure I've got as much filling as possible in there.

    Jewel has forgiven me for now, as I made her some honey cake to apologise, but I'm not sure she would again (indeed, I only just dodged her frying pan!)

    If any of you resourceful hobbits have a way around this, I would be most interested to hear it.

    Right, I must be off! Mum and Dad are waiting on me to help bring some vegetables back from the fields.


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