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    An (in-character) Introduction
    My name is Charles Ashenbrook, a strange name or so I have been told yet a name which I personally am thankful for. My family are well respected amongst the people of the Shire, we are keen farmers and tend to most of the fields in the South Farthing be it our own or helping with others. I was raised as an only child having no brothers or sisters which I’m not too fussed about, I’ve always enjoyed my own company even since I was a child. I’m in my tweens now, a fine age it is to or at least I think so. I’ve taken to travelling though my dear old parents frown upon me for doings so. Yet I can’t help but give into the lure which is the land outside of the Shire. I love home dearly don’t get me wrong but the same routine and company does run dry after a while. Needless to say however I have encountered my fair share of trouble out on the road, but when the going gets tough my ability to find good hiding places is quite unmatched.

    Truth be told the word travel could be taken as a lie for I, though I wish to change this problem in due course, have only travelled the lands between the Shire and Bree. Some could argue and rightly so that I’ve not travelled at all considering there are hobbit dwellings within the land of Bree. I class myself as a simple Hobbit however opens to friendly tales, songs and riddles from folk from distant lands. I would be lying if I said I haven’t a keen taste for mischief at times, don’t we all? Though I can assure you that you will never find a friendlier Hobbit should you get into my good books.

    [bRP Experience[/b]
    In 2001-2003 I ran a successful Final Fantasy X roleplaying community based within a forum. In 2004 I roleplayed within a Linshell kinship on Final Fantasy 11 online. In 2004-2009 I helped run as an admin a Roleplaying Community on Star Wars: Jedi Academy holding a host of characters to my name. (RpG-World)

    In 2007-preasent I’ve roleplayed on the Lord of the Rings online, World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies and a number of roleplaying forums of different genres. I’m also currently training as an Actor in real life which reflects quite well on my roleplaying knowledge. (I should hope :s)

    LOTRO Experience
    I’ve not really considered myself as an instance runner due to the fact my current computer has the speed of an ice-cream fan when pushed to the limited. I do enjoy PVE however and have mainly roleplayed throughout my time on the game with many different characters. I have a good understand of the game and can help newer players with ease. I’ve been with the game since the ten day before launch account and have been playing ever since mainly off-hand at first, but now Lotro is my primary game.

    My character is a Burglar, a class I’ve always proclaimed to be my favourite yet one I’ve never actually played past the level 30. I’m currently level 32 at the moment with Charles who is what I’d call my secondary main. Out of all of my characters I tend to switch between Drevorin and him due to the fact the characters have a clear contrast and they are without a doubt my favourite so far. Charles has been with the kinship ‘Friends of Old’ for a number of months though I left due to the fact roleplay there was quite limited, most of all for a Hobbit.
    Charles Ashenbrook
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    Re: Application for Charles [CONSIDERATION]

    A most eloquent letter! You must excuse my delay in replying - having come back from an entended stay in th Southfarthing my mailbox is overflowing with letters, packages and parcels of all kinds. The Michel Delving Quick Post has been all in a flury and they needed some reassurance that I would be not letting the matter get out of hand again.

    That said I do hope that I can meet with you very soon, and perhaps you would care to stop by Songburrow Hall for some tea?
  3. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Re: Application for Charles [HOLD]

    We haven't managed to catch up with you, but should you be back in the Southfarthing any time soon do drop us a note or say hello.

    (On HOLD until we hear back from you)

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