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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    Dederick sighs quietly as he stares down at his blank piece of paper. " What to say...what to say..." Sat outside the green dragon inn on the bench, he looks over his shoulder in an attempt to find inspiration. This only makes him sigh again. What he finds is a sky full of rain clouds about to burst open. As quick as he can, Dederick gathers up his writing equipment as the rain starts to pour down to seek refuge in the inn. Placing his things at the counter and sitting down, he sighs a third time as he nottices the rain splotches on the piece of paper.Nevertheless, he sets about writing his letter with a mug of ale:

    Dear chiefs and members of the Grand order of the lost mathom,

    My name is Dederick, you may or may not know me from my visit to the green dragon friday this week. You would then probably also know my lack of dancing coordination. That isn't to say i'm not coordinated in other things, such as my duties as bounder and the occasional song I play on my lute.

    "Shoot!" Having knocked over his mug of ale while writing, the liquid slowly creeps onto the letter. With care, he tries to mop up the spilled ale using his sleeve and continues to write his now rain and ale soaked letter.

    I heard about the secretive trips out of the bounds your order has, which I was most interested in, through my work as a bounder. I wish to see different cultures outside of our lands, and to better my understanding of our own. This is the chief reason I wish to join your "Grand order of the lost mathom". I also believe I have many skills I can offer, such as my talents in woodwork and if needed on occasion my skill with weapons. I take a great deal of care with my craft, aswell as everything else I do.

    After taking a sip, Doderick places his new tankard of ale down on his letter by accident leaving a ring stained onto it. He quickly moves the tankard off, but it is too late.

    It would be a great honour to join your ranks. I hope this letter makes its way safely to you and that I would be a suitable member of your order.

    Dederick Brock.

    Dederick drains his tankard of ale empty before tucking the letter under his arm and collects his things. Walking quickly to avoid the rain, he searches for the nearest postbox. In his excitement, he drops the letter in a small puddle of mud. Dederick swoops down to try and rescue the letter, picking it up he is relieved to know only the corners show signs of mud. With a grin, he posts the letter and heads back towards the green dragon

    [2] RP Experience
    I've had very little experience with rp. Most of it comes from a year or so ago when I would rp in the prancing pony. Ive not had any experience with hobbit rp, but i hope I will soon as I have greatly enjoyed what i have seen so far.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    I started playing lotro a few years ago, and have recently started playing again. My other character at the moment is a level 33 Dwarf Guardian. He is a armoursmith and can make up to master expert items ( i think ). When I played lotro before, I did the level 50 and 60 end game raids ( rift,helegrod,watcher,DN) but have yet to do the most recent ones. I stopped playing for a while due to not having the time to play, but now my time is my own again and i am ready to get my hobbit to isengard :)

    [4] Character
    Dederick is a low level warden. currently level 7. He is a woodsman, and is currently a master expert forister and woodworker. He will definetly be my main character , and at the very least a 50/50 between my dwarf.

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