Application for Fairold [APPROVED]

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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    1 An (in-character) Introduction
    In a hole in the ground lived a hobbit.
    Not a normal cosy hole but it was indeed a nasty, dirty wet hole,filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell.
    Fairold Gubbins lived here with his seven brothers and four sisters. As Old Gubbins, being rather too fond of his ale and other things, (mostly other peoples) had left his siblings to fend for themselves, the young hobbit seemed to have inherited his fathers 'sleight of hand' and was often seen at the local farmers markets 'borrowing' local produce and clothing. Although many people had suspicions about this activity and Gubbins had the bounders undivided attention, nothing was ever proved against him. matters came to a head one day when one of the prize exhibits in the Mathom House, Baggins's famous jewel encrusted dagger just disappeared, the burglar vanished, never to be seen again (officially)
    He left behind a very large family. A very fat, contented, well clothed family. In a very nice hobbit-hole.

    2 RP Experience
    Live Roleplayer for ten years, often 'monstering' in exchange for free games, attending gatherings culminating in 3000 a side full contact battle and whole weekend in-character events.
    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay DM for friends and also Fantasy Battle when younger. Originally started online roleplay in text based MUDs (multi user dungeons) - notably The Two Towers - LOTR based.
    Video gaming started with Lineage and EVE then found LOTR about a year ago. Normally specialising in Dwarves til I discovered the Hobbit emotes were the business and Fairold just sort of took over as my main character. (currently playing 7 - 1 Human 3 dwarves an elf and an Uruk Hai.

    3 LOTRO Experience
    Read LOTR and the hobbit countless times. Seen endless reruns of the films too. Joined the server about 6 months ago after mistakenly logging on to an American one for my trial, then the English one for a few months before I discovered there actually was a roleplay server.
    Characters and classes are Human Hunter L40 (highest) Hobbit Burglar (think 27, been playing him so much I think he's been around about 2 weeks) Various dwarves, mainly roleplaying crafters a guardian armourer , a champion weaponsmith and a cook rune keeper.

    4 Character
    Since leaving his home in Frogmorton Fairold has journeyed around distant lands meeting many strange races and creatures. He eventually settled in Bree as he enjoyed the company of humans as they didn't seem to mind the Hobbit borrowing various items and he made a little bit of silver finding many of these items when the owners discovered their loss. While adventuring in the Brandy Hills one day he saved the life of an Old Dwarven Prospector, a strange chap who I think had spent rather too much time on his own, and had a particular penchant for eating his own boots! The starving dwarfs generosity was overwhelming when Fairold drew from his rucksack a complete three course meal with dessert, a cheeseboard oozing with the finest cheese that Butterman used to offer, a flagon of wine and some Blind Troll Stout. Although poor in most senses of the word, because of his generosity to the dwarf he only has to ask to receive the finest armour that money can't buy

    Always happy, laughing and mischievous (as all hobbits are) Fairold hides an inner sadness as he feels it is unlikely he will normally be accepted in polite hobbit company, as his carefree manner is often misunderstood. A 'bad Penny' as Sherriff Bold Bunce once called him.
  2. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Re: Application for Fairold [CONSIDERATION]

    I am glad you were able to make it to our party a little while ago, that misunderstanding is long forgotten (at least in some circles) *smiles*. I trust my recent letter to you explained things in greater detail, and following a conversation with some other learned hobbit we shall be speaking again soon.

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