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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
Written in small, neat letters on what appears to be a jam-smudged page from a book on how to cook a neeker-breeker with blueberry jam

    Marinate the neeker-breeker’s legs in a sauce of…

    I’m hard on proper paper at the moment, seeing as I’m writing this in a damp cave at the foot of the Misty Mountains! Besides…I never cared for the taste of neeker-breeker anyhow…or maybe that was cave crawler…*the note descends into an absent-minded list of tasty “trail” treats Farious has discovered in the wilds*

    Oh! Pardon me! I’m Farious Fogwall of the Overhill Fogwalls. And when I say Overhill, I really mean the Bindbole Woods. You see, my ol’ Gaffer never had a mind for towns and such; to the dismay of my lovely Gammer Fogwall. Something about the trees and the wilderness, he said, spoke to his old bones. To be quite honest, many figured him to have more than a dash of Took in him and this business of the talking trees was just a fabrication of the mind brought on by too many conversations with the few Elves passing through those parts. This too, I don’t have to say, kindled its fair share of grumbles from the hobbits of Overhill. *the letter goes on for some time on the history of Gaffer Fogwall and his discovery of a golden nugget he’d rescued from the clutches of a vicious bear and then his subsequent loss of said nugget to the waters of the Brandywine River.*

    And that’s why, he always said, you never take your eyes off the pies!

    Me? I think my ma fears I’ve become too much like my Gaffer. She says that talking to the Elves and such is sure to bring about a nasty glare or two. Think of the family, she says to me! But their stories are just too wonderful! I love to read whatever I can get my hands on and there’s nothing more exciting to me than experiencing an adventure all on my own, particularly those inspired by those same tales.

    *As space runs out the words begin to get smaller and more pressed together*

    I’d have to say reading and writing are my hobbies…though the same could be said for exploring, dancing, eating, singing, …*once again it seems that Farious has slipped into rambling a list of items he enjoys interspersed with actual food items he wants to purchase. In summation, there is very little he seems to not enjoy.*

    That’s that I suppose. It’s really rather cold out here and seeing as I’ve been bogged down by the weather for the time…I wanted to get this done and sent off at the next opportunity. It’s no Quick Post, but the Big People do have some reliability in these matters of the post. I’ve found it rather hard to describe myself, in fact…*this is where his paper runs out and in hastiness a signature was added to the bottom* Farious Fogwall, from Overhill, of the Fallohides.

    [2] RP Experience

    My RP experience I wouldn’t say is terribly long in terms of online gaming. I have done quite a bit of forum role-playing. As far as MMO’s would go, I’ve generally played most of the main-stream titles and some of the lesser knowns. On WAR I was a member of the Shadowclan. If you’re unfamiliar with them they are a total immersion RP guild across several games. I would say that’s about as hardcore as I’d ever gotten in terms of RP. I tend to use /say as often as possible and generally ignore or avoid OOC comments in IC situations. But that’s on me and more often than not I use sound judgment in when I use either form of communication.

    [3] LOTRO Experience

    I’ve been playing LOTRO for a few months. As I more often do things alone, I haven’t been to very many instances or skirmishes, though if learning is required I usually am fairly quick to pick up on tactics and such. If it’s come to actual LOTR, I know quite a bit. 

    [4] Character

    I am a hobbit hunter currently at level 48. I’m a Forester/Woodworker/Farmer. This is my main character. I have an alt cook which I don’t play beyond cooking items for myself and others, but who knows what will happen when this character has reached max level and I’m looking for that level-up thrill. I am not associated with any other kinships other than knowing other characters who happen to be members of other groups.

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