Application for Halfo [APPROVED]

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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    My name is Halfo, and we didn’t have this conversation, a’right? You nevva saw me, cos I were never ‘ere, and I definitely didn’ sell you a nice shiny earring that I med from some stuff I acquired and melted down.

    Where I came from, well, that’s not really important, but I’ve bin around, and seen a lot of interestin’ things (an’ acquired some on ‘em, an’ all!). I tell yer what, there’s more out there than just t’Shire. I’ve bin to Bree, and roundabouts – some marshes, this burned up village near a right big bridge, even a pub that they says is “Forsaken” – well, mebbe the ale is, cos it’s norrasgood as wot I makes. An’ I’ve noticed, ther’s a lot of folks up fer a scrap, partic’ly them Orc types – which is good, cos they usually as some nicey’s to grab an’ sell. I like to see an’ acquire new stuff all the time, and people keep telling me that there’s wars and battles going off everywhere, so there’s plenty of loot to keep me going!

    Anyway’s, there I was in Bywater, mindin’ me own bizness in the pub, and definitely not looking for stuff to nick, when this bunch o’ hobbits kem in and starting playing music, and tellin’ riddles. Well, I love riddles, me, so I watched ‘em fer a bit. At the end of the night, one pretty hobbit called Lina sez to me that I should come again next week, but get there early!

    I went again, and I had a right ol’ time. I were dancin’ an’ drinkin’, smokin’ an’drinkin’, riddlin’ an’ eatin’, an’ eatin’ an’ drinkin’. I’d baked some pies, and stuffed some cabbages, and brewed some Strong Ales (mostly blue, to be honest), an’ I passed them out. In no time at all, I was feelin’ right at home, and started showing off with some han’stan’s.

    Now ‘appens I’m wrong, but I think that under the influence of too much Blue Bocks, I agreed to come again next week, with more pie, more ale, a drinking song and a riddle. An’ on me honour as a (sometimes) law-abiding hobbit, I’ll be there!

    [2] RP Experience
    In RL, I’ve been an avid role player since I was around 8 years old – in fact, I set up a RPG lunchtime club at Comprensive School – playing and DM’ing several systems, ranging from the traditional AD&D through the bonkers (Paranoia, Ghostbusters) to the distinctly intense (Rifts, Beyond the Supernatural). I also did some Live-Action Roleplaying in my late teens/early twenties. My first computer game was The Hobbit on my Spectrum, and I’ve maintained this type of interest through pretty much every fantasy game on a range of systems, but as soon as I got involved in the MUDs online at university, it was inevitable that I would continue… Everquest was my first foray into online RP, and nearly led to a divorce (dial-up internet = engaged phone lines all the time!), but I have pretty much tried all of the MMORPGs – Everquest, Everquest 2, Star Wars Galaxies extensively, Dark Age of Camelot slightly less so, with a bit of Eve Online, Anarchy Online and Ultima Online as well.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    I’ve been playing LOTRO for about six months now, and have 5 characters (One captain of men, an elf hunter and an elf rune-keeper, a dwarf Champion and my lovely hobbit burglar). They all range from level 18 to level 25. As you would expect with those figures, I’ve not been involved in raids as yet, but I am looking forward to skirmish,and raids. I don’t agree with power-levelling, preferring to develop the character and role play, and most of my characters are expert level at two out of their three crafting paths. I have, through some of my other characters, been involved with the kinship “The Great Starlight Alliance”. If we take the “O” out of LOTRO, though, I have a lot of experience – I’ve read all the books (from Silmarillion to the Complete History of Middle-Earth), *whispers* seen the films, and even painted the Games Workshop miniatures.

    [4] Character
    Halfo is a level 20 (when I wrote this!) Hobbit Burglar, and an expert Prospector, Cook and Jeweller. If accepted, this will be his first kinship. Originally an alt, he has (in accordance with his class) stolen my heart, and has now taken over as my main character, so much so that he bought a house, in the Shire Homesteads – there will soon be a housewarming party to which all the Order will be invited… with superior pie for all.
  2. Lina Chief

    Re: Application for Halfo [PENDING]

    Master Halfo was accepted into the kin last night, after an evening of tea, pie and lost pocketwatches in Songburrow Hall. Welcome!

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