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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    The faint buzzing sound of some insects would be silenced by the quick flick of a hand. Soon though that same buzzing would return to plague the poor hobbit trying to catch some sleep under one of the shires many tree's. That same poor hobbit would then open an eye to stare up at the annoying insects that were still disturbing his daydreaming, as if it was there soul purpose in life was to bug him and noone else.

    With a slight mutter under his breath he began to shift, which wasn't the smartest thing to do under a tree, a small twig finding a somewhat tender spot in his lower back "Ow.. bloody tree... what did I do to you.." the hand he'd used to swat the insect's away was lifted in a somewhat lackluster shake at the tree itself. Moving a bit more to sit up more fully, the movement allowing his hand to reach back and down to give that tender spot a quick rub. The insects had no doubt enjoyed the show and buzzed off to pester someone else now, leaving him to get up and figure out what to do for the rest of the day.

    It was a while after that whole incident before he would find his way into Bywater, the extra time needed to put all his armour back on, it was quite the sight to see a small hobbit wearing such a heavy looking part of equipment, still it was always his thought in life, that if you can make armour like that then why not show if off. Although on such a warm day, maybe it wasn't the best idea to be showing off. Anyway to more pressing matters, he'd quickly find his way into Bywater's local tavern, ordering up a mug of water, it was still early in the day and he didn't feel up to downing ale or whatever was on tap that day.

    While taking a seat with his cold mug of water, he began to look over the piece of paper he'd snagged from the bar itself. A little raised brow lifting while his eyes scanned over the words "Grand Order of the Lost Mathom application form"

    With a small hum he took a long gulp from the mug while pondering if he should fill it in or not. The idea of joining continued to stay with him for most of the day infact, so much so that before he'd snuffed out all the candles in his hobbit hole he'd found time to fill in the application form, putting in all the stuff it wanted and more, sealing it up in an envelope once it was complete and then left it on the side for the morning.

    The next morning couldn't come quick enough, but when it did he was out the door on his way to the nearest mail box with that envelope in hand. With a huff of breath he popped it through the slot and cast his gaze up and then down the road "Come on quick post" with a shake of his head he turned away and headed off back to his home, hopefully the quick post would do its job and get that application off soon. All he could do now was wait, maybe a trip back to that tree to finish that nap would help pass the time......

    [2] RP Experience
    Well first off would have to be the good old table top games, moving on to online games which had a rather rough form of roleplay, having found Lord of the Rings I was quite shocked by the fact it has RP servers, didn't take me long after that to sign up, of course I also get quite an enjoyment out of writing stories, the entrance above should be enough to show that, although its a bit crude since I typed it up fairly quickly.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    I've only been playing for the last few months really. So haven't had the chance to take part in any raid's or end of game instances, I've been doing the books when I get the chance. Sitting on book 4, so plenty more of all that to go. Was in another kin for about 3 days, but due to them not offering up any real roleplay I felt I should leave to find a kin that offers that and here I am, knocking on the door to be let in.

    [4] Character

    Name: Jiro
    Race: Hobbit
    Class: Guardian
    Level: Currently 42 but its going up slowly
    Profession: Metalsmith

    Also I did the whole application thing the wrong way round and applied for membership before doing this part. Hopefully that won't get me marked down too much.

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