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Discussion in 'Applications' started by Rowana, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Proudfoot's the name, Lilibetha proudfoot, but most folk calls me Lili. now me feet's all well and good but what i'm really proud of is me cooking. Now my ol' gammer, well she was the best cook in the whole Shire I reckon, and one day I hope to be just as good as her.

    So I been out in all manner of horrid places looking fer the best ingredients of all types, from all over the world. Tha's me secret see... Them stupid old Bracegirdles down at Hardbottle aint got a thing on my recipes 'cos they aint got the nous or the courage to go out lookin fer the really good stuff.

    Sure, I's run inter some trouble while out on me travels, but if I can't sing 'em inter submission, or bash 'em with a handy stick, I jus' shouts at 'em and they goes away soon enough.

    Ambition yer say... well I spose I got a bit o' that yeah, my ambition, if yer can call it that is to set up our old farm as a supply post fer the very best ingredients from all over the land. My brother Odo, who tends our farm outside Hobbiton can grow anything... me too fer that matter, and between us we reckon we can set up a country kitchen that'll force that ignorant Rosie Bracegirdle to admit ther's no better cook than a Proudfoot... maybe then she'll take back what she said about our poor ol' gammer...

    I have been roleplaying (mostly pen and paper sort) for the last 20 years or so, but have really taken to MMORPG in the last couple of years. I used to GM MERPS (anyone remember that?) as well as playing a fair few games inc. Pendragon, Cyberpunk, Star Wars and some 'experimental' ideas that a friend was also working on. In terms of MMO's I played Diablo online for a while, and Freelancer and Neverwinter nights, and then played City of Heroes (which was my first intro to proper MMO's, a little bit of RF online, but now I have found LOTRO, my life is complete!

    As far as LOTRO goes, I've been playing for about 4 months after a friend gave me a buddy key - I'm a big fan of LOTR, so loved it immediately. I started with a human burglar, which was fun but didn't get to grips with the character so created Lilibetha. I've also got an elf hunter (Fauriel) who takes up much of my gaming time, though gives less opportunity for RPing, which is why I want to join a kinship... this will be my first one, and have been looking for a social/RP kinship for some time.

    Lilibetha, as I've mentioned above is one of my characters, she's a lvl 18 Hobbit Minstrel and I've chosen the yeoman profession as it suits the character pretty well. I like to imagine her tone of speech as reminiscent of Dawn French doing her best Dorset accent!

    Ok, so that's me - or her I should say, I'm not sure if I should put any personal RL info about me in here, as it doesn't seem to specify in the guidelines... happy to tell if anyone wants to know.

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