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  1. Lina Chief

    [1] An (in-character) Introduction

    Lingard is not the typical merry hobbit.Since his childhood, both by choice and by shyness, he has spent most of his time alone, and has had serious health problems too, some of which are still not solved. He especially has huge troubles with sleeping, and often feels tired, burning too much energy so as to stay focused.

    Lingard is not really sad, no, but he can seem melancholic. He is a dreamer. What his body has not allowed him, his mind has compensated by letting him create and live fabulous imaginary adventures. He can spend a full day just watching the clouds travelling to the horizon or the insects in the grass. He seems to do nothing, but his head is boiling with thousands of ideas, impressions, feelings...

    He would probably be dead today, if he hadn't forced himself, tortured by his solitude, like in a last attempt to save his unnoticed meagre existence, to go one evening to the Green Dragon...

    It has been a revelation for him ! A revolution ! He has met there wonderful persons, which he now considers as his true friends, and this has brought a fantastic new energy in his life.

    Now Lingard is not only devoured by the desire of creating, but also and even more of sharing ! Stories, poems, paints, music, smiles, silences... life is again running through his veins, and he's happier than he has ever felt. Plans for the future ? Tons ! And new ones blooming every days ! He just has to be a bit careful to not push too much his body... it would be so silly to fall ill again now... so much to do, so much to share !

    There is still something he's hiding from everyone, though, even from his closest friends : Where does he sleep, and when, and how ? No one must know, never... they would not understand...

    [2] RP Experience

    I'm 43 years young and roleplay since the 80's. First of all tabletop rpg. From player i very fast became gamemaster, writing my own scenarii and leading a club where i was living.Then in 1999 i discovered Ultima Online, and started to roleplay with people from all over the world, it was truely exciting and opened new horizons, but the limits of computer games can be frustrating compared to what we can do around a table. And finally, since 2007 I play Lotro on Laurelin, but i was first not really making the link between Lotro and roleplay. It's only when i met like-minded people that i could start to put some creativity in this world too, and i now consider the Shire's community as a kind of family *smiles warmly*

    [3] LOTRO Experience

    Playing lotro since 2007, i've never really been involved in kinships, instances, raids and such... Like Lingard, i was spending most of my time watching the landscapes *smiles*.Since a few months, though, with some friends from the Mathoms and from Pots, we regulary meet to try some instances and such in a cute noobish atmosphere *giggles*, and i must admit that i enjoy it very much !

    [4] Character

    I have just deleted Lingard, hihihi. He was hunter and i was not enjoying this class, so basically, outside of the rp sessions, i was never playing him. That was making me really sad, as i consider him my main character, and i felt cut from my friends who are playing their hobbit everydays.As i write these line Lingard is now a Warden level 1 *giggles*

    If i enjoy the class, he will level up very fast, and i hope to share with you not only peaceful roleplay in the Shire, but also all the exciting adventures Lotro has to offer ! *smiles*
  2. Remismund Guest

    If Lingard needs help with his physical ailments, have him let me know. We have people that can get messages to my house in Ruthwood and I've been disabled all my life ((and all my life)) and I can help him through his troubles ((I can help you portray it realistically because so few people do.))

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