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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    Up the path from the Songburrow Bridge, a rather scruffy young Hobbit girl warily approaches an impressive looking hobbit hole. She looks around, uncertain that she's in the right place, but eventually reaches the front door and knocks hard on it, waits for a bit, and then gets fidgety.

    "Oi, Miss! Or Mister!"

    "Anyone in?" she shouts.

    "I have come to speak to a Miss Rhona Fairbrass." and then mutters to herself "At least that's what I think she be known as. Oh dear, you shoulda wrote it down, you silly girl."

    Thinking she hears the sounds of someone inside the grand looking home, she continues hollerin through the door.

    "My great-uncle mentioned to come over 'ere and see if you got any ratting work that needs doing. If you got a problem with rats in the pantry, or shrews in the cellar or moles in the roof turf, Miss, then I'm just the hobbit for you! Sticking rats with sharp sticks, or spearing unwelcome gobos come to that Miss, is my business. Ain't much else I'm good at Miss, except sharpening sticks and sticking them in things that need a good sticking. On a good day Miss, I can stick a rat from further away than a gobo can spit downwind, Miss! And they don't half squeal Miss when you stick 'em with a sharp pointy stick."

    She pauses and listens for any signs of a response, shifting nervously from one bare foot to the other, then resumes speaking, more to herself than anyone else.

    "Well, Miss, I've come all the way shirewards from Brockenboring and no one seems to be in. So I'd better leave you a note to let you knows I called" she continues shouting through the door.

    Taking a rather creased and slightly tatty piece of parchment from her pocket, she sits down on the door mat and begins to write a short letter of introduction.


    Dear Miss Fairbrass or The Lady of the House

    I called myself in person today but no one was at home. My name is Yuleberry "Lully" Lockett, of the Brockenborings Lockettses. My great-uncle, of Tookland, we being related to the Tooks on my mothers side Miss, said you might possibly have some work for the likes of me, sorting out rats or other vermin problems you might be havin'. Not that I'm saying your fine burrow is a rat-hole or anythin' Miss.

    Also Miss, I've heard that you sometimes need help with keeping the lovely precious Shire free from undesirables like snarly wolves and sneaky gobo's. We got a lot of troubles with both up our way, Miss, and I ain't afraid of going out and sticking them good and proper Miss.

    I shall be a stayin up at Tuckborough for a few days or more, visiting me Uncle Waldo. Wobbly-Waldo we likes to call him, on account of his dodderynish, which to be honest we think he puts on a lot more than it actually is, Miss. Anyways, so if you wish to get ahold of me, the postman up at Tuckborough will pass any letters or messages onto me at Uncle Waldo's.

    Thanking you kindly very much, Miss, for takin the trouble to read this message that I left you.


    Lully Lockett, Ratter and general all round vermin sorter outer.
    After signing the note, she folds it neatly twice over then stands up and turns around to face the door again.

    "If I stick it to the door, the wind might blow it away fore anyone sees it," she reasons out loud to herself. "Best I shove it under the door, safe like."

    She bends down and begins to push the folded note under the door, but meets some resistance. Huffing to herself she doubles her efforts and eventually the note disappears under the door, more wedged under it than passed under it if truth be told. Realising the note is now crumpled and firmly wedged under the door, she tries to pull it back out, but it is stuck fast.

    "Oh well!" she sighs to herself. "I expect someone will find it."

    She turns to begin walking back to the bridge and only then notices the lovely neat mailbox just to one side of the doorway.

    "May be I shoulda stuck it in there instead." she says to herself and frowns. "Oh well!" and she continues her walk back towards the Songburrow Bridge and on to Tookland.

    "I wonder what Uncle Waldo is having for tea?" she thinks to herself and her face lights up and she hums her way back across the bridge.

    [2] RP Experience
    Limited to LOTRO and mostly elven RP. In terms of RP styles I would say that I'm more of a spontaneous social RPer than one who must have a well-planned background and strict personal storyline to follow. But I do love participating in grand events like the Rohan Musters and going to concerts and plays, etc., as well as smaller events like the Wilderness Appreciation Days. I haven't been able to get to Green Dragon Fridays so far because RL is so getting in the way on Fridays.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    I've been playing Lotro on and off for well over two years, almost exclusively as an elf, though I do have one Rohirrim alt for occasional RP event purposes - Muster of Rohan set pieces, etc. Lully is my first hobbit and I've never been inclined to try a dwarf.

    I was an officer for a while in a small friendly elven RP kin until it then merged with Vanimar. I tend to favour a small and friendly kin, and players who want their time spent online to leave them feeling like they've had a lot of fun even if they've done nothing except gossip and chew the fat and achieved nothing (as opposed to stressed-out fellows getting all hot and bothered about some piece of whantnot that didn't drop or whatever). Experience has also taught me that I seem to prefer single race RP kins, which doesn't mean that as a Hobbit I couldn't RP a chance encounter with a dwarf, man or elf as occasions arise. It just means that day-to-day I find it more fun and enjoyable to be elfy with elves, or hobbity with hobbits. I'm sure you all understand what I mean even if I haven't expressed it very well :)

    [4] Character
    Hello Grand Order!
    Lully is a level thirty-ish Warden, with a shock of slightly unkempt red hair and splintered hands from incessant stick sharpening. She is quite young, of common stock, and not that well educated as she skipped lessons far too often due to a boundless enthusiasm which has yet to be tempered by the experience and lessons of life. Meaning she often bites off more than she can chew, be it pies, tarts or gobo's.

    Lully is not my main char (not sure I have a main char anymore), but I am playing her regularly and I don't have any in-game commitments that would prevent me from attending most if not all kin events. Real Life on the other hand can and does get in the way at times.

    I hope to bump into some of you again soon

    BBye for now

    PS I do know Rowana's proper name *giggles*
  2. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Re: Application for Lully [CONSIDERATION]

    Thank you Miss Lully for the recent (and amusing) letters that made there way to me via the quick post. I am hoping we shall be able to meet very soon, perhaps at our next event or whichever is the sooner or most convenient for you. If I don't happen to be around myself other members of the Order will be happy to step in.
  3. Jiro Master of the Forge

    Re: Application for Lully [CONSIDERATION]

    After making such an effort to get a letter under the door, it would be a shame to turn away such an interesting hobbit.

    I've not met her myself, but I'd like to give her my vote.
  4. Jiro Master of the Forge

    Re: Application for Lully [CONSIDERATION]

    Spoke with Lully and have welcomed her into the Order.
  5. Lina Chief

    Re: Application for Lully [CONSIDERATION]

    *cheers* welcome!
  6. Patula Member

    Re: Application for Lully [CONSIDERATION]

    Good to have you Lully!

    Jiro specificly forbade Lully to catch our friendly mouse in our Songburrow hall. I m not sure that is wise though... soon there will be two and then many little mouse untill we really need Lully's assistence.

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