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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    1. An Introduction to Rebekha
    Dear Hobbits of the Lost Mathom
    I am writing to you to let you know about me, cos I have seen some of you around and about and I think you seem like nice peoples like what I would like to know and I spoke to Mistress Rowana and she said I should write this letter, and she is nice so I did...... I mean... I am.. doing the letter that is.. right now.

    My name is Rebekha and I am a hobbit. I live with my Mum just outside of Bywater but I don't spend much time at home cos... well.. I will explain;

    When I was quite little two lovely hobbits called Madam Lyidia and Mr Montague came to run the Inn in Bywater called the Green Dragon for a while. They had a baby hobbit lad, called Carregiadoc, a few years younger than wot I was and I used to go and take him for walks and stuff when Madam Lyidia and Mr Montague was busy in the Inn, which was most of the time to be honest. Then when I got back I used to sit and listen as Mr Montague told bedtime tales to Carregiadoc, before I went home to do chores for my Mum.

    Well those tales. Mr Montague knew so much – tales of Elfs... and Dwarfs and... Goblins!!!... and all sorts..

    Mr Montague was a great story teller.. he used to be a play actor with Madam Lyidia before they stopped cos of the baby and all, and they did plays all over.. but that is another story.

    Anyway I guess that is wot gave me my sense for adventures. It was very sad when Mr Montague died in the brewing accident, and Madam Lyidia had to give up running the Inn cos it was too much what with Carregiadoc growing up and all. I heard she went to stay in a house that a bloke they called the Woodsman bought for her. The Woodsman.. now he was a strange feller... he visited Mr Montague in the Inn quite a lot, but wouldn't go in the common room cos what with him being a Big Folk and all.. but he spent hours talking to Mr Montague about the stories and the plays, and he even learned how to grow Pipeweed from Mr Montague I hear. Anyway I is getting sidetracked with other peoples stories now.. did I tell you that Mr Montague invented this cider that he made and sold it to the inn keeper all the way over in Bree? well he did.. and there was this other young Big Folk boy what came with the wagon drivers to collect the cider.. always wore bright clothes all the time... he loved the stories too.. and pretended to be a great hero type, and always stood in dramatic poses.. he made me laugh lots.. I wonder what happened to him?


    So after Madam Lyidia and Carregiadoc moved away I realised I didn't really have any other friends so I decided to go and see some of the places in Mr Montague's stories for myself. And most of all I wanted to see Elfs cos the stories made them out to be pretty and well... magnificent. So I headed off East... cos I had heard of the place called The Last Homely House a long way away. It took me a long time to walk there, but I was helped by a man called Donhelm who seemed to drink a lot but was nice to me, I liked him, I even gave him a few kisses for helping me, but he didn't half smell of old beer all the time. Eventually I got to the Homely House what the elfs call Rivendell and it was MAGICAL!

    It was.. well.. like music made in to real things... somehow.. if you get what I mean.

    I stayed there for quite a long time, but then I realised that if it was like music made real then.. well... I wasn't part of the music.. if you understand what I mean..

    But I couldn't afford to pay for a horse ride home so I stayed too long and well I got more and more sad as I felt less and less part of the music. I tried to be useful helping serve food and drink to travellers in the Homely House until one day I was offered a ride back to the Shire by these Elfs what was going to the sea to the west.

    and I that was how I got back home... which is when I met Mistress Rowana for the first time in Michel Delving one afternoon. I was crying actually cos I was so confused by my journey and had so wanted to be home but when I got home it didn't feel like home any more and I just felt .. well.. like not part of the music of the Shire even. Anyway Mistress Rowana said nice words to me and cheered me up a bit, which was nice, so I have always remembered her.

    Oh , and did I mention that I met a hobbit called Skiye when I was in Rivendell.. amazing innit? She was nice and cheered me up there too. She had a very pretty dress by the way, but also knew about bows and arrows stuff.. I though it was amazing really that you could be so pretty and so dangerous all at once. She was nice so I remembered her too.

    Anyway after my talks with Mistress Rowana I realised what it was what was making me sad, and that was that I didn't have anything to do in my life. So I looked at what I had learned from my travels and and realised that there is Bad Things what is happening outside the Shire and maybe I could do something to help those Bad Things from hurting the Shire so I decided to learn some stuff what could be used to stop Bad Things, and maybe I could be dangerous like Mistress Skiye. So I have been learning some stuff and seems I am quite good at sneakin' about and I even stabbed some goblins what was in the Greenfields by sneakin' up on them and some spiders what was in a cave too. So maybe I can be dangerous and keep bad things away.. maybe. I would like that, to keep the Shire safe and all.

    Anyway.. that is me.. and what I am.. and maybe one day I can be Rebekha the Dangerous.. *giggle*.. but I am tired of being lonely and would like to be friends and maybe learn stuff from you all.

    2. RP Experience
    I started RP'ing back in 1976 (ok, so I am old) when a friend and I pooled resources to order the 3 original D&D booklets direct from the USA. Whilst waiting for the game to arrive we made up our own rules from what we had heard about D&D. My first RP character was therefore a Malignant Ant Warrior with a Psionic Lance! Don't ask me, I have no idea either! I have played most of the p'n'p RP games, yes I even owned Bunnies & Burrows! I then progressed to LARP stuff in the 80's... Treasure Trap at Peckforton Castle anyone (as featured on Blue Peter)?

    3. LoTRO Experience
    PC gaming wise I avoided all MMO's for various reasons, despite being an avid PC gamer from the days of the Commodore 64 etc. But when MEO finally transmogrified in to LoTRO I signed up for Beta, bought a Founders lifetime and have been playing virtually daily since. First read LoTR back in the early 70's and have read it at least once every year since (no, really!) so you could say I am a bit of a fan, I think I have read all of the rest of JRRT's ME works at least once and most of it rather more than once.

    In LoTRO Beta I joined a kin, The Last Alliance and have remained with them , to this day, on Snowbourn. I am a kin Officer with them and they know I am now playing on Laurelin.

    Why am I here? well I have always RP'd all my characters. The story above mentions most, if not all, of my characters and they all share an interwoven back story. However I have been somewhat disheartened by the lack of new story driven content recently and so have been more and more attracted by the RP aspects of the game. (by the way Rebekha was rolled on Laurelin over 3 years ago and got to Rivendell, at level 7, where she stayed for over 2 years)

    I have tendered my resignation as an Officer in The Last Alliance but I am undecided as to whether I will transfer my alts from Snowbourn or not... time will tell. For the time being they are all still members of the kin and remain on Snowbourn.

    Some of you may know me from the Codemaster forums where I have been known to be quite active at times...

    4. Character
    Rebekha is currently a Level 15 Burglar.. what else can I say.. she is ..100% .. the person as described in section 1.

    ((OOC; OH, RL .. I run a (5*) Guest house in North Wales, I play most evenings but can rarely commit to stuff what with guests in the guest house being demanding folks, and the fact that we offer evening meals here means I sometimes cannot get online until late, and never know from one day to the next what my "work" commitments will be.))

    And that, as they say, is that.
    Many thanks for reading this far
  2. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Re: Application for Rebekha [CONSIDERATION}

    It was good to see you again at last nights concert and celebrations in Bywater. We hope you didn't get too wet and enjoyed the dancing.

    We will try to catch up again, we should be about our Hall in Songburrow this coming Sunday, but failing that I am sure you will bump into some of us in Michel Delving.

    ((Some of us will definitely be about Sunday afternoon from 16:00, and later on after 19:00))
  3. Rebekha Guest

    I thought I ought to explain in case some people wondered why I am still posting like some sort of demented Post Tart on the Turbine forums as Recruitment occifer for The Last Alliance; Snowbourn;

    I have tendered my resignation as a kin occifer over there but have been requested to stay on whilst the transition takes place and new occifers are recruited. This process is almost complete and I hope to be able to relinquish those responsibilities in the next few days...

    In the meantime, thank you all for the incredibly warm welcome you have shown Rebekha.. I am now thoroughly enjoying LoTRO once again, and it really is with thanks to you lot :D :oops:
  4. Lully Member

    It's lovely to have you with us, Rebekha, playing this wonderful game. *cheers*
  5. Rebekha Guest

    Oh!... Oh My!...

    I wondered why you had all been so busy making new notices for me to read, and then I noticed I was not a recruit any more, but a real bona fide member.

    Thank you most kindly very much.

    Does that mean I have to do the washing up now? :?
  6. Lully Member

    *nods, and passes Rebekha a few dish cloths*
  7. Rebekha Guest

    *SULKS* (big time)

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