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    Dear Sir or Madam.

    I am writing to you on behalf of the Quicktoes of 6 harrow road to ask for gratefully into what i have been hearing (Gossip in bartunnel is alive like wildfire!) as an Order of shire-hobbits!

    Heres why you should consider me:

    1. (An IC Introduction)

    I ,Sanchi Quicktoes, have been a proud family member of the quicktoes of Brockenborings. I currently stand at the age of 47 and as the sun shines i am a warden of the free peoples in the lone-lands and by night a loving husband and soon to be father of my child. My mistress, Tiralupida, Lives with me in 6 harrow Road Bartunnel and currently bears a great burden of a child which i will be a father too. As of late her attention for food and support has been growing but never the less i am still there for both her and the free peoples in my journey to help others. As a devoted family man and warden, i am able to give full loyalty and respect if treated so and I can stand in our shield walls,harvest our crops or drink YOUR ale if the situation demands it! I stand devoted and loyal and i am loving to those close to me and the lands on which we tread. Some call me crazy as i like to run around alot,jumping tables and hills alike, while others call me brilliant,bearing a child and defending our homes. Whatever your view is,I'm sure it won't be bad!

    I have RP in this game for nearly a year (sept 2009) and have been roleplaying since 2007 fully on Garry's mod,San Andreas multiplayer and other games. I only really do Heavy rp and can be fussy on certain things(powergaming is an utmost annoyance for me and i apologize now if i get picky) I can RP almost anywhere and always.


    I have done Instances mainly like GS(I have a higher level main who i'm not massively fond off) However i can lead any group of people who are willing to listen and helpout,I use a microphone and will speak down it without fear aslong as you ignore my south-western UK accent,my outburstive singing and curses. I've played this game since 2008 January, however returned 2009 sept due to poor pc to play this, This game has changed alot in my eyes and some aspects of this game still remain unknown to me as alot of this game i did in the harder days of 2008.

    4. (CHARACTER)
    Race-Fallohide Hobbit ^.^
    Proffession-Explorer with only journey unlocked in Forestry and will be willing to change if seen fit.
    Levelling stlye- Steady,No rush,enjoy the game-In grouped levelling.
    Roleplay-Happy wise guy who doesn't take kindly to miserable and stuck up people
    Main-Level 60 LM,Not a massively used Alt,Not a fan of him to put it fair I don't like LM'S a huge lot.
    Alt-This is my alt heading on main,has largest RP background,I have a 35 Burg and 14 minnie who are in diff kinships and are rarely used.
    Other kins-first kin for Sanchi......The Winter Knights(Main,35 and 14) Defenders of free people,The woodland company,Mayor Tenderlarches gaurd.

    Thank you for taking the time to read these mail and hope you all the best in the future

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