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    An Introduction of Sevelda Quickkettle
    "'Listen to me, Thorin Oakenshield!' I said, 'If this hobbit goes with you, you will succeed. If not, you will fail. A foresight is on me, and I am warning you.'"

    A year ago, in the Shire.

    Sevelda stepped carefully through the soft muck that was the Rushock Bog, a small wooden club in her hand and a distinctive green cap with a single colorful feather on her head. The rest of her clothing was difficult to describe, save that it was covered in mud. Lots of mud. Any maybe other stuff, it was hard to tell.

    With a careful step, the young Hobbit moved over a clump of grass growing up through the muck. As her foot settled into the mire, a rush of bubbles erupted from where her foot was and a rather large slimy and mud-covered slug popped up through the muck.

    With a little sigh of disgust, Sevelda swung her club at the slug, connecting squarely with the foul thing. The club, stout as it was, merely bounced off the tough skin of the slug, although the slug was knocked a few feet through the air to land back in the mud.

    With another little sigh, Sevelda braced for what was going to happen next, for it had happened over a dozen times already this day. Slugs have an natural defense mechanism that is the mucus that they produce. The mucus helps keep the slug's skin moist so that oxygen could pass through it. Slugs breath through their skin, you see, and they can also force the mucus to ooze out of their skin.

    This particular slug, as a self-defense measure, immediately began to secrete the mucus through pores on its skin before rearing up slightly and doing something else slugs are known for. Slugs can spit mucus out both ends, as it were, as a secondary measure should they be swallowed by something larger. Who exactly would want to eat a slug, of course, is something for another story.

    This slug, as I'm mentioned, was somewhat agitated and immediately began to ooze and spit and make little gurgling sounds. And poor Sevelda was caught in the blast, as it were, more slime and mud and who knows what else covering her already filthy clothing.

    Opening her eyes and wiping the grime from her face with a frown, she mumbled the words that would forever change her life.

    "I really hate squashing slugs."

    Last night, somewhere in Angmar.
    With a sigh, Sevelda slung her lute over her shoulder by its strap and grabbed the club hanging from her belt. Her other hand wiped the slime and muck from her face.

    "I still hate squashing slugs."

    2. RP Experience
    I have been an active role-player since my introduction to D&D in 1985. Over the years, I have played every major role-playing system, most of the lesser-known ones and even helped to design, develop and test gaming systems. My bookshelves are filled with rulebooks, reference materials and other things. And yes, on my desk next to the keyboard are my dice. Classic gamer saying, "Have dice, will roll."

    I am also an administrator for the internet's oldest and largest online Star Trek themed role-playing game and have been an active developer and supporter of internet text-based role-playing games since 1995.

    I am also an avid, award-winning freelance writer, three times published, and currently working on a Tolkien-inspired project for the National Science Foundation intended to inspire creativity and promote literacy for teenagers.

    3. LOTRO Experience
    I have been playing LotRO for four months, originally on the Imladris server. I joined the Laurelin server two months ago. I am a World of Warcraft and Anarchy Online veteran, but haven't played WoW in several years and stopped playing Anarchy online last year.

    4. Character
    Sevelda is a Hobbit Minstrel, currently level 40, Yeoman profession and member of the Cook's Guild. She is currently part of the Brotherhood of Middle Earth kinship, and she is my main character.

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