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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    Hullo, Rowana and kin members of Grand Order of the Lost Mathom *bows courteously and smiles*, allow me please to introduce myself.

    My name is Tollygar Blackbuck, a not so fresh-faced burglar of The Shire and, as the lines on my face might suggest, I have lived much already but there is plenty of life left in this hobbit yet. I used to live a quiet life, growing pipe-weed and trading it to the good folks of Bree, and.... *hesitates* ... picking the odd strangers pocket when times were hard if I'm honest *glances down at his bare feet, slightly ashamed*, but lately things have changed.

    Breeland and The Shire are no longer as safe as they used to be. Men, dark menacing strangers have entered the region and are up to no good I'll warrant. I made the slight mistake of trading a few barrels of not very good pipe-weed to them for a quick profit, thinking they wouldn't know good pipe-weed from floor sweepings, but as it turns out they did. Oh my! They chased me out of Breeland, knives drawn, threatening to skin me alive if they caught me. I fled back across the Brandywine Bridge thinking I'd be safe once I reached Stock, but turning I saw them acoming across the bridge after me, so I kept on fleeing. I fled so far I crossed the entire Shire before laying up exhausted in the thick hedge north of Needlehole.

    There I must have dozed off for suddenly the whole world was spinning round and then "thump" I hit the ground hard... I had lost my balance and fallen out of the hedge in my sleep. I dusted myself off, looked around then stole back down into Needlehole and enquired with the postmaster if there had been any Men through there recently, and to my huge relief he said it had been very quiet, certainly no men-folk about recently. I figured I was safe (sort of) and headed back to Hobbiton, making my way warily back across the bog, avoiding the road.

    You know, the Shire never looked so good as it did the day I escaped from those brigands. I'm not one of those Baggins types, the sort that's always going off and meddlin' in big-folks business, but I've a feeling that more and more big-folks' business is coming to the Shire whether we like it or not ... it might be a good time to band together more and help protect the Shire from all the nastys that you hear big-folk in Bree talking about.

    Also I've decided as a result of my recent adventures to spend a little more time improving my burglar skills and honing my talents there, but not to ignore my love of the Shire life and the great games and parties to be had with all the like-minded hobbit folk there.

    Well, ladies and gentle hobbits, that's a little about me ..... thank you for listening (reading)

    *waves bye for now*

    [2] RP Experience
    OOC: a relative novice to role playing, have not role-played other than in LOTRO and don't play any other MMO game. Don't intend moving onto any newer MMOs either, am primarily here as a fan and lover of Middle Earth.

    [3] LOTRO Experience

    OOC: I have been playing LOTRO for about 6 months now (myself and my real life partner, we share this account between us, having only one pc to play on). We started on Gilrain server, but found many players were not sticking with the game, friendships were usually quite short. We decided to try another server and to see what an RP server was like, so we came to Laurelin and immediately noticed the difference with most of the players here and we quickly decided to start afresh here. I have two main characters, both role-playing, Tollygar and Arethuilwen (lvl 37 Elf Guardian). Arethuilwen was in Serenity kinship (some of you might know Adelman and Kalmia from there) for 5 months but left recently and will probably seek a more RP-orientated kinship at some point in the future. Tollygar hasn't been in a kin yet, but has attended/joined in many RP-events such as kinship parties, the Buckland Brewers music contest, and any ad-hoc spontaneous RP-ing that springs up in Michel Delving or wherever. I missed the Fox Hunt last night though due to RL commitments. I like to enjoy the social gaming possibilities that RP opens up, rather than just follow the 1-50 leveling sequence that Turbine have laid out. RP is now an essential and important aspect of the game for me.

    [4] Character
    Tollygar Blackbuck, lvl 17 burglar
    Somewhat successful Yeoman - GM farmer, Artisan Cook, Useless Tailor
    Joint-main character (with Arethuilwen).

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