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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    Tom's last tale. (Cut short to meet the purpose of the application)

    "And so we meet again my dear nephew." said Tom, who just lit his pipe from which he, upon completing his sentence, drew a large amount of smoke that had the familiar scent of his most favourite weed.
    "It has been quite the journey back to the Shire, you can be sure of that." said he, sending a veil of smoke hanging above Tudlin's bed. "You shall hear more of it soon, but first things first."
    Tudlin slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes. It was very late at night and darkness filled the room. The first thing his eyes could make out was the red glow inside Tom's pipe, and as his eyes adjusted he could see the mere outline of the cloaked hobbit's sturdy figure that was leaning against the dark wall.
    The tired young hobbit remained quiet, thinking to himself for a moment whether he should jump from his bed and embrace his beloved uncle or if he should pull his blanket further up and wander back into his dreams. He adored his uncle so much and yet his heart was filled with great disappointment at that very moment. If only Tom did not always simply disappear or visit whenever it pleased him. Why could he not be like all the other hobbits?
    However, Tudlin had realised years ago it was due to Tom's adventurous nature and his rare and extravagant behaviour that he had such a distinguished place in his heart. And so this very thought shone bright above the darkness of young Tudlin's distress, and he shook the blanket off his body, and with joyful laughter jumped into his uncle's broad arms.
    "Uncle Tom! Where have you been? We have truly been worried. Please do not leave us again, please!"
    Tom could not hold back his laughter, and as Tudlin jumped into his arms he gave him a friendly pat on the back and spoke in a low, rustling voice that was accompanied by an occasional cough. "Calm and steady, dear nephew. I shan't leave when I have only just arrived."
    " Oh where have you been and what happened to you? Did you see the great Troll again? Have fought your way through cobwebs and goblinholes? Did you encounter wild beasts of the ugliest sort or did you muse in the realms of the dwarves and elves?"
    Burdened with all the questions of a curious nephew Tom smiled fondly and set Tudlin down on his bed.
    "All and none of that, Tuldin. You shall here all about it to be sure. Though before I start I have a question for you."
    Tudlin looked at Tom with eyes widened by curiosity and gave a simple nod.
    "Have you still got the small dagger I gave to you?"
    "But of course I do! How could I possibly throw away such a precious mathom with such a peculiar tale to it?"
    Tom's lips curled into a pleased smile. "Good. I suppose you would not mind parting with it for a while then, would you? I happen to be in great need of it"
    "Parting with it? Well, but... will you tell me why?" Tudlin looked utterly confused.
    "Of course I shall tell you why. I just had to make sure you still had it before I go on with my tale." said Tom with warmth, giving the young hobbit some comfort. Tom then went on to tell Tudlin about his previous affairs outside the shire with great enthusiasm and imagery, until his nephew was restrained from listening by engulfing slumber. As he noticed that Tudlin was fast asleep he went to one of the drawers of room and removed the dagger from a small chest, and through the round window withdrew into the darkness of the night.

    When Tudlin woke up the next morning he thought that the visit of his dear uncle had just been a dream. The things Tom mentioned there shook him a great deal, and he went to look for the dagger just to make sure it was still in its place.
    He discovered that it was not in his chest, but where else could he have put it? Such a gift should neither be lost nor treated with clumsiness. To his surprise, Tudlin learned that it had not been a dream after all.
    Like a burst of wind he rushed outside into the kitchen and yelled: "Uncle Tom, where are you? You surely cannot be far."
    Mirella, Tudlin's mother, turned her head away from the stove and towards Tudlin, rolling here eyes. "That trick will not get you back into bed Tudlin! I know you're not sick and you will help your father in the woods today, no argument about it and no compromising!"
    "But Mother, he was by my bed yesterday. He returned and I am not jesting!"
    Mirella's patience concerning the subject of Tom Merrybanks has grown thin long ago and she gave Tudlin a gentle whip with her handkerchief. "Sit down for breakfast now and stop the silly talk dear, will you?"
    Tudlin gave up and sat down at the table as his father stomped into the kitchen. "Wha's all tha' rant about ol' useless Tom? Let the bugger be gone as long as time permits I say! He's naught bu' trouble. How are ye son?"
    "Father I swear, I have seen him. He was real and he was standing in my room." If only Tudlin could have mentioned the dagger, but that would have been a sure way to trouble his parents beyond imagination.
    Tedwin, which is the name of his father, simply smiled fondly and rubbed Tudlin's golden hair. "Right. Ye will soon find that ye've 'ad jus' a very lucid dream. Now eat breakfast before it's cold. Ye should lose yer interest in ol' Tom, son. Wha'ever good has he ever done bu' trouble the everyone with worry? Ye are going to be a forester jus' like me an' my father an' his, for it's a good trade that keeps yer feet on the ground."

    That was the last time Tudlin had seen his uncle. The following years he was extremely worried that he would never see Tom again. Though as more years stacked up he soon accepted his fate and obeyed his father's wish to become a forester.
    However, Tudlin's interest in adventures and his curiosity were inextinguishable flames, and so as he grew out of his tweens he found himself reaching beyond the borders of the shire and getting into sitiuations best kept quiet.

    [2] RP Experience
    My RP experience with computer games is a rather young one, but I dare say it has been thorough and interesting. I've started roleplaying almost two years ago on a Neverwinter Nights server. The server was filled with talented people from all walks of life and it has been a heavy RP server with a tight community.
    I have never tried pen an paper, though I've been acting on stage several times if that counts.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    My experience with the game itself is thin. I joined after a friend I had met on the Neverwinter server told me about the game. He is now in an elf kinship that is also heavy on roleplay. So far the roleplay I could enjoy was perhaps not as concentrated as what I was used to, save the night at the Plough and Stars where some of you were present. I enjoyed that a lot even though I had to leave atfer an hour.

    [4] Character
    My Character Tudlin is a curious hobbit at the age of thirty three (level 26) who hails from Bywater. He enjoys clever riddles (though he is horrible at composing them) and tricks, as well as ale and pipeweed in good company. Above all things he loves to hear tales of lands far away.

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