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    Application for Viollet Applewood

    [1] An (in-character) Introduction

    Hullo dear Miss Rowana and hullo to all of The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom!

    My name is Viollet Applewood and I am writing to you in the hopes that one day I might join your order! I have long been aware of your orders existence and though these many years I have worked my father’s farm, I have long dreamed of moving away from the old place for something more! Not something my father is best pleased about and though I only wish to please him I do find that I long to see the more distant towns like Brockenborings or maybe even Michel Delving! Wandering the shire has a place in my heart and I cannot do such things while day after day the farm takes all of my energy!

    I can only offer my talent for playing the Lute, an instrument I have been practicing with since my very early days as a tiny girl! I also know a little of herbs, for example if you were to get a headache I might mix up some Cottonwood with boiled water for you! That should solve any headache! I know it is not much to offer but I am a hard worker, loyal and honest and you won’t go wrong having me in your order I can promise you that!

    I do not know much of the ways of the world and this is my main reason for wishing to join the grand order! I am hoping that under your guidance I may have an adventure or two while being in the company of wise and notable Hobbits such as yourselves and therefore being safe! My father always says I am not allowed out on my own!

    I have lived thus far on my father’s farm near Bywater where I have spent my days working the farm doing things like bringing in the hay, feeding the chickens, clearing out the pigs and cooking for my father and myself. I now feel it is time I go out on my own and make my way in the world though as I have said above some good guidance from wise folk would not be a bad idea at all! I am more than willing to continue such work and if the order has any chickens I’d be glad to feed them daily!

    I hope this letter finds you all well with fully bellies and smiles on your faces!

    Best regards
    Viollet Applewood

    [2] RP Experience

    I have been role playing in varied forms from a D&D club to MMO’s for 12 years now. I played Everquest and DAoC years ago and that is where I started my role playing. I have since played an MMO non-stop for the past 12 years and always seek out role players rather than raiders or pvp’ers to game with. I also spend allot of time doing role playing with my partner in book (D&D and MERP currently) and tabletop form.

    [3] LOTRO Experience

    I have been playing Lotro on and off since early 2008 (having taken time off to test other games like warhammer, wow and star wars). I do not have many characters, preferring to focus on one at a time. This way seems to work best for me as you can then put all of your energy into that one character instead of having many alts and no focus on any! It also means I can spend what little TP I get on my one character and give them a little boost once in a while! My highest character was on snowbourn server, a level 60 guardian who I no longer play and have deleted due to the move to Laurelin recently for the RP (I did not want to get tempted to pay for a server transfer so deleted her, the cost is horrendous!). I level at my own pace which at times can be very slow but I really enjoy crafting, fishing and skirmishes. I have never made it past the far side of Moria but know allot about the game up to that point and am always willing to help new players or kin mates. In my years playing I have never done much raiding or pvmp but am willing to do so if the kinship needs an extra body to fill a position.

    [4] Character

    Viollet is a young hobbit maiden on her first steps into the larger world. Having grown up on her father’s farm she is used to hard work but dreams of joining the bounders and guarding the shire, a dream her father is not very keen about!

    She is a level 15 minstrel hobbit and she is my main character. I am not in any other kinships and do not plan to be either as I did allot of research before choosing grand order to apply to. I have purchased her a store summer mount and some extra stats to boost her up a little as minstrel is a new style of play for me having been used to my guardian for these past years but I am enjoying it allot! I am VIP and have all the pre order add-ons so far so I can access all content of the game with her. She has the tinker profession with a focus on training the jeweller skill first.
  2. Lina Chief

    Thank yer kindly fer the letter, miss Viollet! It was grand ter meet yer in the Dragon last Friday!

    We usually mull over them letters we get fer a few days, but I hope we run into each other over the coming days too! Hope ter see yer again soon!

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