Babble - A New Plugin To Combat Emote Spam

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  1. Lina Chief


    Simbo has been busy lately, working on a new plugin designed to reduce the amount of emote messages that fill up your chat window at large events. Get it here!

    So, have you ever struggled during busy social events in LOTRO? Does you chat box fill up once people start clapping and cheering? Are you unable to see the interesting texts in a rapidly moving wall of dance emotes? The answer is yes, dangit! But now, help is on the way!

    What is Babble?

    To babble, (from
    1. To utter a meaningless confusion of words or sounds.
    2. To talk foolishly or idly; chatter.

    From now on, though? Babble is a plugin that sends only "filtered" emote messages to your standard chat window, excluding any of the more common emote messages. The plugin comes with a predefined list of the "ususal suspect" emotes from busy social events (dance, clap, cheer, etc.), which will be auto-removed and not shown in your chat window when Babble is enabled.

    You can easily add to this, or even remove those emotes you want to see. Additionally, you can filter emotes from different players, so you can still see all emotes directed towards yourself or those delivered by your good friends.

    Babble is notified whenever an emote is received and, if it doesn’t match a list of “blocked” emotes, it sends the emote to the “Standard” chat channel. This means that, for Babble to be effective, you need to turn off the filter for Emotes in your main chat window and make sure that Standard is enabled, so that you then only receive the filtered emotes from Babble. Just right-click on the chat window tab, and you’ll be able to choose which chat channels are displayed in that window.

    It is worth noting that the plugin cannot actually stop emotes being recieved. You would still need to turn off Emotes in your filters for the chat window. The plugin is simply re-sending new, filtered, messages to your standard channel.

    • You can set up multiple lists of blocked emotes, and pick whatever list you want depending on the situation.
    • You can set up multiple lists of player names to make exceptions for the blocked emotes.
    • You can specify the colour of the “filtered” emotes that Babble sends to the Standard channel.
    Babble does not have a “Allowed Emote” list, because allowed emotes are effectively any that are not blocked. However, you will notice in the “Blocked Emotes” lists there are two check boxes; an “Unless From” check box and an “Unless To” check box.
    • If you tick the “Unless From” check box, then the emote will be blocked UNLESS the emote is from one of the names in the associated name list (or, if you like, the emote will be allowed if the sender is from the list).
    • Similarly, if you tick the “Unless To” check box, the emote will be blocked UNLESS any of the words in the emote text matches a name in the list.
    • You can enter “Me” as a valid name, so you can see both the emotes you write yourself and those directed towards you.
    • There are “check/uncheck all” buttons in the different emote lists as well.
    The following commands are available:

    /babble on – Enable Babble (it is on by default once loaded)
    /babble off – Temporarily disable Babble
    /babble edit – Edit the settings, such as the list of emotes or names
    /babble list – List the currently blocked emotes
    These options are also available via the Plugin Manager, under the “Options” tab for the Babble plugin.

    Download and install

    You can get the latest version here: Babble page

    Download the file from here, then install it into your LOTRO plugins directory.

    To use it, type /plugins load babble or use your favourite plugin manager, and it should be switched on right away with a default set of blocked emotes.

    Feedback is welcome

    Simbo will be grateful if you let him know what you think of the plugin, or if you have any suggestions for improvements!

    Also remember to check out the other plugins made by members of the Grand Order: Songbook: The Badger Chapter by Nimelia (for playing music), and Poetical by Simbo (for reciting poetry and songs).
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  2. Rubysue Member

    Babble works great! I was lovin' it last night at GDF. During the testing I complained a little that it uses the Standard channel for output because I generally have kept that directed off to a second window that receives most of the 'system type' messages while my 'chat' window has the talking channels (say, kinship, fellowship, etc. etc.). It's really no big deal though. Before crowded RP events I generally turn off player's kinship names and titles which tend to clutter the screen badly for me. Now I just add an extra step of directing Standard to my 'Chat' window and starting Babble. Then, after the event, I revert back and everything is as it always was.

    Good job, Simbo, thank you!!! *Cheers and bounces around happily*
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  3. Lina Chief

    I am testing it at Weatherstock. May shoot a video to show the difference...
  4. Lina Chief

    Babble has been updated to v1.1, and it now also has a permanent home page over on the burrow (not just a blog post). Get the latest version here:

    Changes from the previous release is that French and German translations have been added.
  5. Lina Chief

    For those who haven't tried Babble yet, the following video might show some reasons to use it when attending events... (go fullscreen for a better impression - I might make a better version where the chat windows are closer)
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  6. Lina Chief

    There are new beta versions of both Babble and Poetical out, you can get them at the Burrow.

    Babble changes:
    • Ability to filter other channels other than emotes
    • New chat window that can displayed filtered messages instead of (or as well as) the Standard Channel. Blocked messages can also be captured in the new window
    • Babble “tool-bar” to enable settings window to be open, Babble to be enabled/disabled, or new chat window to be toggled
    • Instead of specifying a list of patterns to be blocked, you can specify that only allowable patterns, and everything else is then blocked.
    • Ability to filter out NPC chat in the Say channel
    Poetical changes:
    • Back-up of the plugin file containing all poems (PoeticalPoems.plugindata) is created whenever the Poetical plugin is loaded. Back file is held in the same PluginData folder, and is called PoeticalPoemsBackup.plugindata
    • A fix made to the word-wrapping functionality as it was not coping well with longer lines
    Thanks Simbo!
  7. Lina Chief

    A new beta version of Babble 2 is out:

    There are three changes from the previous beta:
    • Ability to hide the Babble Toolbar (Note if you do hide it, and want it back, use the “/babble status” command to show the command window, or access it via the Plugin Manager)
    • Option to have a “server-wide” settings (so same settings are used for all characters). This can be set via the options on the Plugin Manager.
    • Update to the Edit Colours to allow selection of a colour by entering an RGB value.
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  8. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    I wonder, Master Simbo, if Babble could be enhanced to filter out anything that starts with "((" up to an ending "))" ?
    Though I think that people should not use that sort of thing in their open talk, at least when they do there would be a way to stop it from disturbing others.
  9. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Miss Tibba!

    This should already be possible in the beta version of Babble 2. Simply edit the settings for the "Say" channel, and add (or edit) a filter list. Then just add this to the list:


    The "*" represents a wild-card, so it should matching anything that starts with "((" and ends with "))" which I think is what you need!
  10. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    *cheers for Simbo* Master Simbo! Well done!

    Thank you, I will try it out.
  11. Lina Chief

    Aha! I take it there was a bit of bracket use in the forest?

    That's a grand possible use of Babble, though, I'll have to try it myself!

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