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    Besides our members the Grand Order has numerous friends and allies from all over the Shire and even further afield. As a way of keeping in touch with them, we have opened this section of our noticeboard. You can now register and keep us updated on any events or news we should be aware of. You may even wish to seek our assistance... both in and out of the Bounds or bring to our attention any important matters concering mathoms.

    How to Register
    It isn't possible for friends to register directly on our website, instead follow these simple steps:
    1. Send us an ingame mail with your characters first name and a working email address.
    2. The mail must come from the actual character that is known to the Grand Order. If we don't recognise your name we can't know that you are a friend and you will be politely refused.
    3. Send the mail to one of the officers of the Grand Order (listed below).
    4. We will contact you via email (not ingame) with your details.
    Who to Contact
    The following hobbits will be delighted to help you, please address a mail to one of them in your best handwriting: Rowana, Lina, Jiro, Simbo, Tibba

    Use of the Guest Forum
    To ensure the right atmosphere all posts in our guest forum should be in character (IC) where possible. Some OOC information is permisable if absolutely neccesary. You may post about any subject but it must either be related to the activities of the Grand Order or of interest to us. Possible subjects:
    • A greeting, general hello or thanks
    • A request for help
    • A joint adventure Out of the Bounds
    • Announcement of a forthcoming event
    • A relevant story
    • Roleplaying (RP)

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