Rumour Biscuits, Burglars And Bundles

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    Mysterious times in the Shire! Biscuits go missing! Burglars are suspected! Bundles appear! The Biscuit Crumbler bounces back! Wherever will it end! Can it ever end! Eek!

    In the fair village of Bramblebury, surprised exclamations and grumblings of displeasure could be heard this weekend. Apparently, a full plate of biscuits had disappeared from a garden table, never to re-appear. Neither the biscuits nor the plate, that is. Engaged discussions ensued when the neighbours came to, offering both statements of support and ideas to catch the culprit (putting out new biscuits as bait was a quite popular idea, as well as having a bounder stationed nearby to catch any thieves). The previous owner of both biscuits and plates said he wouldn't sleep quite well that night, though, not least after his neighbours wondered if any of his chickens were missing too.

    Of course, this unfortunate turn of events made the locals remember similar incidents earlier this summer. The disappearances of crunchy cakes were then blamed on the yet-to-be-caught "Biscuit Crumbler", who none have apparently seen, nor anyone knows quite what looks like. The drawing above is an artists impression of what the biscuit crumbler could perhaps look like if he or she were tiptoeing around at night. Although, the locals are also looking warily at the recent influx of long-necked swans in the Shire. Their beaks look quite convenient for wolfing down biscuits, and those necks will surely be able to sneak far inside any open windows where biscuits might be cooling.

    In the neighbouring village of Songburrow, biscuits are always a rarity. However, the inhabitants looked rather excited anyway this weekend, when a group of hobbits returned from their travels and headed for Songburrow Hall with a dusty-looking bundle. The neighbours said they heard eager whispers of an exciting mathom find in a cave South-East of Bree, consisting of both a fine helmet fit for a hobbit and some pages with very faint writing. Both the helmet and the pages were promptly put on display in Songburrow Hall. The owners were now said to look for scholars to help them study and treat the recovered pages, in the hope to make the writings clearer and possible to read.

    Not that the neighbours were that interested in such silly mathoms anyway. Instead, one local rascal said now would be a good time to visit the mushroom tent outside of Songburrow Hall, since the bounders were busy looking for biscuit thieves. Most likely at an inn... with copious amounts of drink.
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