Poem Boats Out Of Bounds

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    A companion piece to me poem A colour dear to me, this is one I wrote over a year ago. It has been lying around in me archives fer far too long, so here yer go!

    Boats out of bounds

    Me grandpa made a wooden boat
    A little one with tiny sails
    He carved me name into its hull
    The finest toy I ever had

    We let it in the river float
    And then he told the wildest tales
    The summer day was never dull
    Me grandpa always made me glad

    The boat would travel to the south
    Through forest, field and swampy bog
    The current pushing it along
    To speeds no hobbit could obtain

    And when it reached the river mouth
    It would be lost in misty fog
    And neither hobbit rhyme nor song
    Could bring it back to me again

    Out there the world is strange indeed
    But wonder also waits beyond
    Perhaps the boat would find a friend
    Or reach the distant blinking stars

    The boat would sail at lightning speed
    Across the mountain, under pond
    To rest beneath the rainbow’s end
    Where biscuits wait in golden jars

    Me grandpa smiled and stopped his tale
    What happens then, I asked of him
    He winked and held up in his hand
    A fresh-baked golden biscuit sweet

    And through the summer, without fail
    No matter if the rain was grim
    The day would always end up grand
    Whenever he and I would meet

    A box of old and dusty things
    A whittle knife all red from rust
    I close me eyes and swallow hard
    Me sweet old grandpa passed away

    No stories more of far-off kings
    No biscuits more with golden crust
    No hugs when we meet in the yard
    The summer never felt so grey

    But still, I have his wooden boat
    That once was cut from oaken log
    I smile and hold it in my hand
    Then let it go and wave farewell

    Through currents wild it stays afloat
    It passes through the misty fog
    And crosses to the summer land
    Where friends who leave us go to dwell

    A pleasant, lush and lovely land
    Beneath a warm and sunny sky
    Where rainbows always mark the spot
    Of golden biscuits free for all

    And there the boat is in his hand
    He smiles to me and waves goodbye
    And I remember all he taught
    Of summer days and stories tall
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  2. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Very beautiful. I bet your grandpa would have liked it.
  3. Lithea Member

    Oww this is just loverly, Miss Lina. It brought a tear ter me eye.

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