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  1. Lina Chief

    Greetings kinsmen of the Order of the lost Mathom.

    Name Bramwise Oatroot
    Age: Thirty-three born of 17th of Winterfilth 1385 SR (Shire reckoning)
    Occupation: Brewer.

    Bramwise Oatroot is an explorer and adventurer by heart. When He come of age, he decided to follow his lifelong dream to start a Brewery in the Shire, near Hobbiton.

    So one day he said his farewell's to his relatives , packed his belongings, and mounted Clover on the Oatroot family Wagon.. and went south

    He came from Oatbarton in the North Farthing, where his relatives tend some Oat, and Grain farms. Bramwise however is more fond in uncovering the lore about Hops and roots, for pints.

    Bramwise made his home in the Shire, at Waymeet he made camp, with other traveling Hobbits and dwarves. To make some money to forefill his dream to own his very own Brewery, he started doing chores as farmhand, and making delivery-rounds.

    In His spare time Bram is bartending the Green Dragon inn. When out for jobs, most of the Hobbits camping at Waymeet, and living in Hobbiton are glad, because Bramwise has made a bad reputation, he has the habbit to sneak in someone's kitchen to "borrow" food. Some hobbits even have watch geese to scare him off.

    To make things better with the community Bramwise decided help around with daily problems. So Bramwise took his best hat and packed his bag, to follow the road.
  2. Lina Chief

    Welcome to the Order, master Bramwise!
  3. Rubysue Member

    Welcome indeed! I think you'll like it here.
  4. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome to the Grand Order, Master Bramwise!
  5. Neti Member

    Welcome, Master Bramwise!
  6. Rubellita Member

    A very warm welcome, Master Bramwise!
  7. Pycella Member

    Welcome to our Grand Company, Master Bramwise! *cheers*
  8. Potty Member


    Hullo Master Bramwise, a warm welcome ter the Grand Order ter yer!

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