Bullroarer Took Day, Sunday 17 March

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Bullroarer Took Day

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Start Date: Sunday 17 March 19:00 PM
End Date: Sunday 17 March 20:00 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
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  1. Lina Chief


    It is March 17th!
    Time to wear the green and drink ales again!
    And celebrate that old hobbit hero, Bullroarer Took!

    Date: Sunday March 17th
    Time: 7:00PM UK / 3 PM servertime (due to US daylight saving time)
    Location: Brockenborings, Bullroarer statue

    March 17 is coming up soon and that means: Bullroarer Took Day!

    It’s a day surrounded by many traditions: drinking to the Big Hobbit’s health, singing songs and reciting poems about his deeds and of course the wearing of the green!

    We invite you all to put on your nicest clothes (as long as they are green, I mean green) and come to Brockenborings in the North Farthing of the Shire and assemble near the statue of Bullroarer Took. We’ll salute the Great Hero and drink to his health. We’ll also commemorate those who have fallen during the Battle of the Greenfields.

    Let us all assemble around 19:00 ((UK time, 3pm server time)), so we can do the drinking and toasting first and then we’ll have for you a performance of the famous Greenbrambles. They play only once a year, on this very day. So this is your chance to see and hear them!

    They will bring you dances and songs in a style the Bullroarer would have loved, had he been around to listen. And perhaps some poets will recite a poem for you about the Big Hero. If you have written such a poem, don't hesitate to let me know and you'll be called upon the stage we call a wall. Errr.. the wall we call a stage!

    The Laurelin Festival of Folk Music that I promised you earlier, will take place on March 23, a date more convenient for the artists who will perform for you then. The announcement of that Festival will be done in another article.

    Hope to see you all on March 17th!

    Warm regards,
    Peppy Bristlebrush.
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  2. Rubellita Member


    The Greenbrambles playing with a magical background of the new Dwarf Candles.
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