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    1] An (in-character) Introduction

    "Hullo"... - can hardly be heard from the back of the main hall.
    A shy little hobbit girl moves forward slowly and bows, holding the ends of her dress up slightly.

    "At your service... Dafodilly Bumbleroot... at your service" - She suddenly realises that due to all the nerves of having to present herself to a jury she said "at your service" twice and gets even more nervous. "Ehm... " - smiles nervously, a nerve in her cheek slightly twitching.

    "tell me something about yourself you say.... well.... my father owns a bakery and I've got 5 brothers... and oh... wait, that's about them, not about me.... euhm" - thinks really hard.

    "I've got the prettiest smile in the whole of Brockenborings... that's Perro Humbestone that said that, not me... such a nice polite boy.... though my father doesn't like 'em much... come to think of it.. he doesn't like any boy that comes round.... " - suddenly realises she is talking about someone else again, instead of herself.

    "Oh, and I bake a great blackberry pie... and I like green, as it reminds me of little clovers, which I like to pick.... and I've got a cat named Ronny..... he's named Ronny because I used to have a little mouse named Ronny, but the cat ate him... and my dad took the cat in... as he doesn't like mice, seeing we have a mill and bakery and all.... and well, he's named Ronny now... the cat, not my father" - slaps her forehead and realises she is rambling and isn't talking about herself again.

    Nervously says: "I guess that's all about me... Dafodilly Bumbleroot... " -smiles and bows

    [2] RP Experience

    RP through fantasy RP in SL (several years) and improvisation acting at drama school

    [3] LOTRO Experience

    Fairly new at Lotro myself (been playing for a month or so). No previous experience in Lotro. All I know is through reading about it and finding out as I go along

    [4] Character

    IC BIO:

    Dafodilly Bumbleroot is a young and bashfull hobbit girl, who has hardly ever travelled outside of the Shire. Her father Bello Bumbleroot, a baker, owns the mill outside of Brockenborings, overlooking the Greenfields.

    Though the Bumbleroots are not rich by any hobbit standards, they are not poor.... In fact Bello recently bought a new pony and cart. In Time old bumbleroot tradition Dafodilly tends to the mill and bakery, her tasty pies are known in brockenborings and beyond. Charmers and potential suitors beware.... Bello Bumbleroot has 5 sons and only 1 daughter... .


    Not planning any alts, as I want to get to know lotro first myself. I generally have time in the late evenings (due to RL work), no time for alts at all to be honest.

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