Story Days Of Dogs And Scrumping

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    Another Harvest Tale story!

    Days of Dogs and Scrumping

    Ah, autumn. It always was a grand time of year. Those crisp, chill mornings. The lands went from green to a lovely yellow. Yule didn't seem so far away!

    And of course, the very best thing of all... It was time to go scrumping for apples!

    Oh, there were some grand apple trees up in Brockenborings where I grew up. Sweet and juicy apples, as only trees growing in the fertile Greenfields soil could produce. And the finest apples of all grew in the garden of ol' Walkenin Bolger.

    Naturally, all us local children tried our best to get into his garden, to lay our mitts on those golden red treasures. Sadly, though, Walkelin was both cunning and mean, and not at all receptive to the needs of hungry hobbit lads and lasses. He also kept the fiercest guard dog around, a huge vicious beast. His name was Brutal, he was all teeth and claws, and some say he even fathered those mean mushroom mutts that Farmer Maggot keeps at Bamfurlong. So while all other trees in Brockenborings were scrumped out as soon as the apples were ripe, Walkelin's trees were full of apples for weeks until he harvested them.

    One day, though, me belly was grumbling louder than a grumpy badger. It had been more than an hour since me last meal. The horror! And there was no food to find anywhere. Except... the apples on Walkelin's trees.

    Surely it would be possible to trick that nasty mutt Brutal?

    I snuck up to the garden and looked inside. No dog to be seen. Perfect. I jumped over the fence and tiptoed towards the tree.

    "Ha, too easy", I thought while reaching up for a lovely-looking apple.

    That's when I heard a grumble that couldn't realistically come from me stomach. The steady breaths of hot air down me neck was also a somewhat significant clue that not everything was quite alright...

    I ran towards the fence and jumped over it, with Brutal nipping at me heels and barking like Lobelia on a bad day. Tumbling over the fence, I was lucky to land softly on the other side. Unluckily, I fell headfirst into the muddy trough that Walkelin kept for a pig that was to be his upcoming yule ham.

    And I was still hungry! Wiping away the mud, I pondered on another plan. "Dogs like bones", I though, so I ran to the local butcher and, er, borrowed some juicy-looking marrow bones.

    Running back to Walkelin's yard, I waved the bones around. "Here, you mean old mutt", I yelled, "come have something to gnaw on"! Brutal went completely wild, barking and jumping around. So I threw the bones away, as far as I could down the hill. Brutal went after them, crashing through the fence door. I went the other way, approaching the apple trees again.

    "Ha, too easy", I thought while reaching up for a lovely-looking apple.

    Although, the crashing sounds behind me told me that Brutal might not be so easily tricked. That impression was of course strengthened by those steady hot air gusts down me neck...

    Me towards the fence, Brutal nipping at me heels, barking like Lobelia on an even worse day. Tumbling over the fence, yer can surely guess where I landed? The future yule ham just shook its head at me as I surfaced from beneath the slop.

    "Whatever am I to do", I whined. "I am so hungry!" That's when me own dog Ruff came sauntering over, ready for a cuddle. I told him of me hungry hardships as he nested in me muddy lap, eagery awaiting a round of tender scratching of hard-to-reach areas behind his scrawny ears. "Hm", he said, "I wonder if I have a plan that could work. Just scratch me a little bit more there.. ah, yes there." Sticking our heads together, a master plan was laid.

    A few minutes later, Brutal was patrolling briskly around the apple tree when he heard a sweet sound from the fence. "Oh Brutal, Bruuutaaal", a tender voice called for him. Looking around, growling like Lobelia whenever she had to open her coin pouch, Brutal approached the fence.

    "It is I", the voice called out, "the Patron Spirit of All Good Guard Dogs. And I have come to reward you for your diligence." Brutal went wild. Of course he had heard about the Patron Spirit of All Good Guard Dogs. He just couldn't believe it would ever come to visit him!

    "Of course I had to come visit you, Brutal. After all, you're the best guard dog there is." If Brutal had wings, he'd soar high into the sky at these words. His dreams came true. Someone finally appreciated all his hard work in keeping those nasty rascals away. And it was even that Patron Spirit of, well, yer know by now.

    "I have a reward for you, Brutal. But you have to earn it", said the sultry voice. Brutal nodded. He was good at earning. "Show me your strength and prowess", the voice said. "Leap across this fence in one masterful jump, so I can see you properly!" Ha, no problem, Brutal thought. He ran back into the garden, circled around the apple tree to gather speed, then came thundering towards the fence.

    Soaring high high high, towards the sky, he cleared the fence with no problem at all. Ruff, who had acted as the Patron Spirit of, well... yes... marvelled as the huge hulky hound flew past him. I, on the other hand, marveled as Brutal splashed headfirst into the mucky trough I had such recent familiarity with meself.

    I gathered me wits when he splashed and howled around in there. Using a plank from the fence, I tipped the trough over so both dog and muck went rolling down the hill. The future yule ham, by now somewhat vexed after all the interruptions of his meal, squealed loudly and set off down the hill too. It launched itself at Brutal, biting his tail with a mighty chomp! Such commotion that could be heard when hound and pig ran down the road, biting and squealing and growling at each other.

    Me and Ruff, though, could finally, FINALLY sate our hunger. We ran into the garden and gathered the loveliest apples we could find.

    "Ha, too easy", we said as we sat down outside to eat.

    A grumble from behind told us that our joy would be short-lived, though. Those steady hot air gusts down our necks were dead giveaways too.

    Me ma grabbed both me and Ruff by our necks! She dragged us home while barking like Lobelia that time she had to buy a new umbrella. Into the bathing tub we went, lass and dog and apples and mud alike.

    I guess it is true what them say about scrumping... The rewards are clear, but the act ends up showing yer true colours. Because I had never been scrubbed that clean before...
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    *cheers* Such a lovely harvest story, Miss Lina!
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    Another fine story, Miss Lina. It's great to find inpiration in your own youth.
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