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    Duffgard recently moved to the more southern parts of the Shire. He moved from Oathbarton, where he was raised. But he wanted to live on his own, away from his parents and that's why he now lives in the Crestwater homesteads.

    Duffgard is learning how to brew beer and does fairly well. He's already a member of the Inn league but never brewed his own untill recently. He's not fond of tall folk. That being humans. He doesn't know about elves that much since he only met one once. But he dislikes humans because he mostly saw and heard of bandits and tomb robbers back in Oathbarton. He does like dwarves though. They tell him of lands far away.

    Duffgard himself also likes going out on an adventure that takes him out of the Shire. Though there's no place like home. He's been in many regions already. But never further than the lone-lands. Also when he sees an orc or any other vile creature (or even a wolf) he'll probably run or sneak away depending on if they saw him or not. But that may change if he travels in group.
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    Welcome to the Order, master Duffgard! Good to have yer with us!
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    Welcome Master Duffgard!
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    Hullo Master Duffgard! Welcome ter the Order!
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    Welcome to the Order, Master Duffgard! *cheers*

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