Dwarves, dwarves everywhere

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  1. Lina Chief

    Residents in Michel Delving have noticed quite a few more dwarves than usual traveling through the village. While there's always been the odd dwarf traveling to and from the Blue Mountains, recently the number has increased, to the effect that it's not only old hobbits who now mutter about "lazy bounders" and "strange goings-on outside the Shire".

    As one wizened old gaffer in the Square said to everyone nearby, even if they wanted to hear it or not:

    "Aye, and there was this one stocky dwarf who came riding through here the other night. Greyish beard, all in a hurry. Said he was looking fer a miss Bootsy, fer some reason. I pointed him eastwards, I did. Not sure who this Bootsy character is, but at least now the dwarf isn't in Michel Delving anymore. Oh, where's me pipe?"

    Bounders are said to be aware of the increase in dwarven traffic. As the locals know, this means it's been mentioned over an ale or three at the Bird and Baby.
  2. Osterby Recruit

    'nods' Odd ya should mention it, but I could'nt help but notice that also.

    Indeed I have one of our er mountain cousins lodging with me currently, something about a debt of honour owed, and how we should ready ourselves to face overwhelming odds, and grin in the face of certain er doom... 'frowns'.

    Anyways anyone seeing a Mister Coltraine Brasseye should not worry unduly, despite his somewhat er functional manner 'nods' and er appearance


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