Farewell To A Hobbit Adventurer

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    Can you ever truly know someone you only met online? This is a question some of us have pondered on the last days, after we learned that our kin member Rubysue had passed away.

    It did not come as a surprise to us. We knew that she was ill. We had not heard from her in a long time. We had for a while feared the worst and slowly come to believe that the worst had happened.

    Still, we did not know. At our kinship meetings, the recurring question was: "Have we heard anything from Rubysue?". We dearly wished to see her post on our forum again, log into the game again, show up with a good-natured greeting and good news about her health.

    When we got the confirmation that this was not to be, the sense of sadness and loss was real.

    The reactions may have been surprising for some. In the Grand Order, we do not ask for personal details about those who join us. Of course, once you are a member, we get to know a fair bit about you over time, about things like your interests in life, your travels or your favourite foods. However, we rarely know the real name, age or other particulars of our members. We did not know this about Rubysue either.

    While this may seem a bit strange, it is a way to allow people from different backgrounds to easily play together, roleplaying as hobbits. What matters most to us is how you behave and interact with others. We always hope to meet players who are friendly and mature, good-natured and generous, creative and helpful, who want to join with others to have fun together in the game.

    Rubysue? She ticked all those boxes, and then some.

    Always up for an adventure into the dangerous reaches of the game. They were not always successful and the repair bills racked up, but we always had grand fun together. When asked to help, she never said no.

    Always willing to help the rest of us with the items she crafted or the materials she collected. She loved visiting far distant forests to gather wood and branches. Our kin storage chests are overflowing with materials she provided. Some of us still carry the first-age legendary weapons she crafted for us.

    Always up for sharing an ale and a good story. She was a regular at the Green Dragon, at the hobbit markets, at fishing and travelling events, at kinship meetings. She shook her head over busy music events, but sometimes showed up for them anyway, to share her time with those who enjoyed them.

    Always with a friendly greeting to others, in the game and on the forums. She gave invaluable advice on playing a warden. She eagerly took part in discussions about the future development of LOTRO. All content creators received a kind word from her, whether the contents were stories, song lyrics, drawings or pictures of real-life fresh-baked pies.

    So, can you ever truly know someone you only met online? It feels like we can with Rubysue. While we did not know her real name, it did not matter. Her character and personality shone through anyway. In the discussions on our forum, in the way she played the game, in the way she talked with us all.

    Rubysue played a friendly and good-natured hobbit adventurer because she was a friendly and good-natured person. One we miss dearly. One we remember fondly.

    Safe travels, Rubysue.

    Please note: We plan a farewell adventure for Rubysue on Saturday May 25th.
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    lovely words Miss Lina!
  3. Wildigard Member

    this is a sad news. be at peace miss Ruby!

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