Friends and family (part four)

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    Osterby smiled sadly, he had never been much of a risk taker, had never been called brave, he was an opportunist. Yup, that's what others had all thought of him, but as he looked at the Dwarf standing resolute, guarding his friend.
    Images flashed through Osterby's mind, of his friends dancing and singing back home in Michel Delving market square, and of how he finaly felt like he belonged somewhere. Osterby understood the meaning of friendship, and of family, he realised what he had to do... it was his turn now!

    In that moment of clarity Osterby moved forward, silently closing the distance between him and the Orcs, a strange calmness, and a sense of purpose and acceptance driving him onwards.
    Osterby could hear the strains of familiar reasuring music as he swept a dagger low behind one Orcs knee, his other hand already raised, passing over the shoulder of another, as both blades drew their fine cold fingers in deep lines across the green flesh.

    Osterby allowed his momentum to carry him onwards, arriving behind the largest Orc. Osterby kicked out at the creatures back with every ounce of his compact stature. Suprised and momentarily caught off balance, the startled and ungainly Orc stumbled several steps forwards, a bestial roar errupting from its fanged mouth and echoing arround the cavern.

    Coltraine had watched the young Hobbit with a shocked and suprised ammusement, however upon seeing the young Hobbit kick, the Dwarf nodded with a grimace and reacted with a practiced efficiency, his shoulders and hips moving fluidly despite his bulk, hefting the great axe and launching its deadly weight in a vicious arcing swing to greet the startled Orc.

    Osterby ducked low, the two Orcs turned, furious as they realised something was amiss, struggling to keep his balance and momentum Osterby flashed one arm out wide towards the nearest Orc. Osterby was dimly aware of the blade meeting resistance as it sliced cleanly across the Orc's bloated belly, the creature fell dramaticaly with a terrible gurgling howl.

    Osterby spun and kicked out at the remaining Orc, he was rewarded by his boot connecting in a jarring impact and a sickening thud, as the Orcs knee buckled, and its staggered backwards off-balance cursing.

    Aware of the stirring if one of the wounded Orcs, Osterby instinctively flung his arm outwards, his dagger released and reappearing a second later, burried in the slumped creatures chest.

    Osterby turned, as he faced his final standing foe, a single dagger held lightly in his palm. The Orc roared, spittle foaming in its maw as it regarded the puny Hobbit with pure hatred. With a slight smile Osterby drew a concealed blade from his belt, and moved forwards.
    Osterby increased his speed as he closed the short distance between them, sprinting the final steps as they drew close. It was images of remembered games of catch, and fence running on those long treasured Summer days that flashed through Osterbys mind as he suddenly swerved, and leapt as high as he could towards the snarling Orc.

    The wickedly edged cleaver sliced downwards towards the floolish Hobbit as it rushed to meet its certain death. Suddenly the Orc's dull eyes and dull mind registered that the blade had missed, that Hobbit was'nt where it was supposed to be! A fraction of a second later the Orc was aware of a sudden flash, and of a rushing of wind passing its ear, then it slumped to the ground with two dagger hilts wedged deeply into its neck.

    Osterby stumbled to a halt, he stood alone for a second in silence, his hands had started to shake uncontrollably, and tears had begun to fill his eyes. With a gasp he finally exhaled, his heart racing as he started to breathe again, his chest heaving as if full of molten lava.
    Osterby turned slowly and cast a hesitant glance to where the Dwarf Coltraine, and his prone companion had been earlier.
    He was greeted by a familiar but bloodied and battered face grinning anuneven gap toothed smile back at him.
    You shall not fall!... that was what the Dwarf had yelled to him what seemed an age ago, slowly Osterby nodded his head, and slowly wiped his filling eyes on a sleeve.


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