Friends and family (part one)

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  1. Osterby Recruit

    Moria was exactlty as he has been warned, quite possibly it was worse. The long forgotten halls and cavern were oppressive, dark and filled with unspeakable dangers and evil.
    Osterby flinch unconciously as he surveyed more dark looming shadows, wincing at each eerie creak and groan, his mind imagining the dark terrors that each one personaly heralded. Shuffling his backpack uneasily, Osterby considered returning with his admittedly slim pickings, but gave a resigned shrug, that was only if he could remember his way back out.

    The sentry stood alone, as far as Osterby could tell this Orc definately looked tired and bored. Nervously he crept closer, pausing for a moment Osterby flicked a single copper coin on a spinning path close to the lone figure. As it turned startled towards the sudden sound, Osterby struck. However his palms were sweaty on the worn grips of his daggers and momentarily slipped, the strikes failed to find their intended mark.

    The wounded Orc staggered back howling in anger and pain, its free hand slowly raising something to its mouth. Osterby froze, it was a horn. Instantly a single harsh tone boomed out, echoing arround the dark cavernous space, Osterby recoiled at the violent outrage of its single rude imploring tone.

    Time seemed to stand still, as if from nowhere several large shapes appeared surrounding him. Osterby heard their cruel raucous laughter, and felt their hot fetid breath as they gazed down at him, and regaded him as prey.

    Frantically Osterby span arround, desperately waving his twin daggers in wide arcs as he tried to keep these foes in sight and at bay. A sudden clubbing blow from behind momentarily dazed him, and as he reeled drunkenly to one side Osterby felt a second blow careering him back the way he had stumbled, a single terrible realisation dawned, they were toying with him.

    Inevitably theblows began to rain down, from somewhere Osterby was aware he had lost one of his daggers, but was did'nt know how, when as suddenly the torment had started it ceased.
    Something had changed, Osterby found himself in the midst of frenzied frantic howling, of paniced ferral screaming, and of a steady, relentless crashing beat of metal upon metal. Confused and dazed Osterby slumped to his knees, raising his head as he heard a single voice yell... 'You shall not fall'.

    (This describes Osterby's journey towards maturity as he starts to grow up as a Hobbit, and to realise what realy is important in life...)


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