Friends and family (part two)

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    Osterby was unsure exactly how far he had been carried, but as he awoke with a start he was relieved to see a small lit metal stove, and two burly Dwarves seated deep in conversation, their steady eyes regarding him with a keen amused interest.
    Aware of their gaze Osterby pretended to stiffle a yawn, stretching his limbs to assess any injuries and to conceal a quick cursory check on his equipment, both of his daggers were in place, and it appeared that his backpack had not been tampered with.

    Several seconds of awkward silence ensued before Osterby remembered his manners and introduced himself, thanking his rescuers proffusely for their selfless and timely actions, and promising to repay them at some latter distant date. The Dwarves nodded slowly and introduced themselves as Coltraine Brasseye and Fenmar Raplin, both of the Grey Mountains, a second later they broke into toothy grins and offered the Hobbit some fresh food. Gradually Osterby began to relax as he ate, and over the next few hours his companions regailed him with tales of their great city and their journey so far. As relief washed over him Osterby felt a comforting sense of security, and he began to talk freely about his home and his friends, and and a gradual nagging a twinge of guilt at his earlier suspicion and mistrust began to grow and gnaw away inside him.

    Eventually the Dwarves began to pack up camp, they paused and nodding to each other and graciously asked Osterby if he wished to accompany them further on their journey. Osterby reluctantly declined, he was undecided about which path to take. Unwilling to continue, but unsure about returning home. The travellers exchangesd final waves, helpfull directions and heartfelt farewells, then parted their sepperate ways.

    It was some time later as Osterby began to gather his belongings that he noticed an ornate, valuable looking inlaid tinderbox, which had been set on a small stone behind his backpack. As he eagerly retrieved the valuable item suddenly he frowned, remembering that the Dwarves had'nt mocked his unguarded remark as expected, that he had been afraid of the dark as a child.
    Slipping the treasure into his belt Osterby smiled broadly to himself as he realised, they must have left it for him, as a gift.
    Osterby hesitated, they had asked him for no reward, just seen him to safety and shared a hearty meal with him. At that moment Osterby made a decision, he would indeed find his new friends and would repay their act of kindness, and with that thought in mind he set off, a smile upon his face, unconcerned that he was not retracing his steps homewards.


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