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Discussion in 'Applications' started by Lina, May 24, 2019.

  1. Lina Chief

    Greetings Fellow Hobbits.

    My name is Galifer (Gali to my friends). My Ma calls me Galifer when she’s telling me off for pinching a bit of the pies she’s baked, so I much prefer to be called Gali.

    I’m from Hobbiton, but now live with my best FRIEND Ragwort (Raggie).

    I love adventuring, crafting, and listening to music, and even playing a bit of music (if no bagpipes are involved).
    Having a lazy Sunday (every day) is also an enjoyable pastime.

    I’m a shy hobbit at heart but enjoy being with friends even if I am a little quiet.
  2. Lina Chief

    A warm welcome to the Order, Galifer! It is grand to have yer here with us!
  3. Rubellita Member

    Aye, welcome, Miss Galifer! May you have many enjoyable lazy Sundays (and other days) with us!
  4. Potty Member

    Welcome ter the Grand Order, Miss Gali!

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