Gardeina Took And The Game Of Golf

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    This is the story of the first game of golf played under rules written by Gardenia Took, old Bullroarer Tooks niece. Discovered in and old book found at the quick posts lost and found.

    Old Bullroarer Took had died a number of years ago but his great grand daughter Gardenia loved to read about him in the library at the Great Smials.

    Now Gardenia had taken after her great grand father by being one of the tallest female hobbits at 3ft 10 in. She was also a keen player of golf, the game her great grandfather had invented at the battle of Greenfields all those years ago.
    The thing was he may have invented it, but the lack of rules made it more like a battle than a game for the faint hearted to play.

    So she and one of her brothers Fennel decided after the lesser known battle of Bywater, (Where several hobbit golfers were injured after a big fight over whose stone was nearest to the rabbit hole.)that rules were needed.
    They planned these over the next few weeks and found a field in Crickhollow that met the requirements to stage the first game using these new rules. No other place wanted hobbits hitting stones every where if truth be told!

    "Now I will go over the rules they came up with in a lecture I have planned at a later date . They are interesting but for now I will tell you what transpired at the first ever golf game.

    It was a lovely day at Crickhollow for the first ever game of golf set to the new rules created by Gardenia and Fennel. Unbeknown to the hobbits gathering for the game ,other ears had heard of the preparations and were going to make an unforeseen appearance.

    After the battle of Greenfields the goblins had been scattered and were to few in number to pose a great threat to the hobbits of the shire. This did not stop the great nephews of Golfimble planning their revenge when they heard of the game from various crow spies.

    Now Tefimble and Putfimble goblin brothers and great grandsons of Golfimbul had been ridiculed by the other goblins after what happened to thier grandfarther. They now saw a way to end the ridicule and make the hobbits pay.

    They some how convinced a small band of fellow goblins that they would get Golfimbuls skull back, restoring honour to his name. Also they promised treasure and food and drink which the hobbits had in abundance.
    Meanwhile back at Crickhollow the golf game had got under way with various bets being placed on the winner. Ale was being drunk and pies were being eaten, and so far only minor blows had been struck in the game.

    Gardenia was supervising the game while Fennel was playing, and she was busy making notes as the game went on. Suddenly a commotion was heard from the hedge by the old forest. All eyes turned in that direction and through the one of the gaps in the hedge a band of goblins emerged.
    (The High Hay was not fully grown at this time so it still had gaps)

    As the hobbits ran for weapons and the golfers got their clubs ready, a challenge rang out. It seems the goblin brothers wanted their grandfathers skull that had got knocked into the rabbit hole at the battle of Greenfields.

    Now Fennel looked at his sister and she looked at him. Both knew that they did not know what became of skull, and glancing at the other hobbits it seems they were all puzzled as well.
    Gardenia now showed her worth when she shouted to the goblins “If you want the skull returned one of you has to beat me in a challenge”. The hobbits and the goblins all jumped at this shout, and all eyes went from Gardenia to the the two goblin brothers.

    The goblins all looked at Tefimble and Putfimble and waited for one of the two to step forward. The two brothers had not planned on this but after a quick game of rock, bark, knife, Putfimble stepped towards the hobbits.

    Gardenia explained all he had to do was knock a stone with his club further than she could with hers. The goblins all laughed with glee at the thought of an easy win, while the hobbits all cheered for Gardenia.

    So Putfimble looked about for a stone and picked up the most roughest stone you ever did see. Meanwhile Fennel handed his most rounded golf stone to his sister with a wink.
    Gardenia then turned and faced towards the Brandywine, indicating to Putfimble the direction he should hit his stone. She told him he could go first and stepped to one side to let him have his swing.

    Now it seems Putfimble gave it a mighty blow,and hit the stone over two hundred hobbit paces. All the goblins danced with glee and all the hobbits gave a sigh, except Fennel who smiled.
    Now Gardenia stood quite still for a few moments, her eyes focused on the stone at her feet. The she struck it with such force that some of hobbits standing near fell over.Away it flew high into the sky until with a mighty splash it landed in the middle of the Brandywine river.

    A great cheer went up from the hobbits ,and even some of the goblins if truth be told. Once again a Took had defeated the goblins playing golf.
    Well the goblins had had enough of all this. Grabbing Tefimble and Putfimble they tied them both up. Then the whole lot stormed off to the wood, pinching and saying the most awful puns about Golfimbul to the two brothers.
    Who were never heard from again by the way.

    Meanwhile the hobbits declared Gardenia the winner of the game and a great feast was got underway.
    So ends the story of the first game of golf recorded in the shire. The truth is a few of the pages are missing, and this is all I could find.
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    Grand story, Miss Ambrinna! *smiles* I look forward to other stories discovered from the Lost and Found office!

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