Happy Lazy Hobbity Summer Days

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  1. Lina Chief

    Here is a summer letter from the Grand Order to all our friends out there. May yer summer days be filled with lovely weather, picnics and parties, strawberries and cream, plenty of rest, and more than seven meals each day!


    To all our grand friends,

    The warm summer days have been with us for a while, which means that many of us hobbits love to potter around in the fine weather. Or snooze in the shade. Fish by a stream, hoping for a cool breeze. Go on picnics. Aye, them's grand and lovely days, and we hope yer all use them well, so yer are all happy and full of energy for the year ahead.

    Us Grand Order hobbits will also spend some time lazying about in the fine summer weather. Rest assured, though, we will keep up our regular activities over the summer. Green Dragon Friday should be on every Friday, the markets are in Michel Delving Monday and Tuesday every two weeks, and unless there are other plans, we usually go on adventure to look for mathoms every Saturday evening. We will see if other event ideas pop up too, so keep visiting our notice board. Today also marks the start of the summer festival, and we hope to see yer there!

    As them lovely summer moods set in, we thought we'd remind yer all of the the following:

    Forum access

    Even if yer not a Grand Order hobbit, yer can get a forum account here on lostmathom.org so yer can post in our friends forum. Here yer can add greetings, requests for assistance or joint adventures, event announcements, roleplay stories, screenshots or reports from events etc - we'd love to see it!

    Just let one of our chiefs know (Rowana, Tibba, Nimelia, Sevelda,Simbo, Jiro or Lina), , and we'll have yer set up in a few days. Remember, we need yer email address to make an account for yer.

    Join our hobbit adventures

    The Grand Order usually goes on adventures to look for mathoms Saturday nights. These are typically hobbit adventures where we help each other solve hard tasks, or just stay together and have fun on adventure. Instances, skirmishes, general quest solving ... it is all grand!

    The adventures are often more about having fun together than mastering the hardest raids, so we often have high-levels joining on adventures with lower-levels. The stories and us spending time together are what counts. These adventures are also open for our good friends outside of the Order! Just let one of them chiefs know, and them will give yer more details about how ter join.

    How to join the Grand Order

    We are always looking for grand hobbits to join our ranks. We aren't the fastest recruiters, and we rarely ask hobbits directly if they would join us. Which means that if yer have an interest in the Order, don't hesitate to make the first contact yerself. We'd love to hear from yer, especially if yer have an interest in hobbit roleplaying, event and party organizing, hobbit lore and adventures, and the music system (we have an in-kinship band open for all members). Just take a look at our recruitment page and have a chat with one of our chiefs.

    Finally, we would like to wish all friends of the Grand Order a grand and lovely summer! May them days be sunny and warm (but not too hot), and may yer meals be plentiful!

    The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
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  2. Yusra Member

    Hey.... Thats me!
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  3. Lina Chief

    Aye, I needed a drawing of a happy lazy summery hobbit *giggles* Naw, but it seemed a good match with a summer greeting!

    Happy summer everyone!
  4. Spriggy Member

    Yay happy summer! Enjoy life as much as you can!
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  5. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Happy summer to you all! *cheers*

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