Poem Hobbits At Heart

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  1. Pycella Member

    Here is the poem I wrote for the Harnkegger poem competition!

    Hobbits at Heart

    We hobbits love our peaceful lives
    Away from folks of other types
    Dwarves, elves, and longshanks men
    Make us scared like Sandson’s hen
    But this thing I’ve known right from the start:
    Deep inside, all they’re hobbits at heart.

    I saw an elluf near Woodhall
    In a glade, hiding from us all
    Eyes shone a light old as the sun
    Full of memories, times that are gone
    Morning come, birds began a song
    The elf stood up and hummed along
    Paying homage to the early lark
    He was a true hobbit at heart.

    A ranger sits down with a pint
    Stares into it, sucks his pipe
    His face is scarred, his eyes so sad
    Seen many fates that ended bad
    Then a bard strums a merry beat
    The ranger smiles, taps his feet
    Even the saddest man beneath the stars
    Was feeling like a hobbit at heart.

    A grumbling dwarf once passed me by
    A lass had pulled his beard, who knows why
    He claimed to be an important dwarf
    Who wouldn’t bear this silly stuff
    But as I gave the dwarf a slice of pie
    The joy came back into his eyes
    And when we munched that tasty tart
    I saw he was a hobbit at heart.

    We’re all different as day and night
    But it is no excuse for a fight
    The stranger who might seem quite odd
    Might have a heart worth of gold
    Don’t judge by looks, and you can come far
    For we all are hobbits at heart.
  2. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Grand poem, Miss Pycella!

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