Story It Was All About A Dragon ( A Hobbit Fairy Tale)

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    Once Upon A Time there was a little hobbit lad with an incredible imagination.

    He had lost his father and was living in the most lovely burrow in Hobbiton-Bywater, with his mother and his younger brother.

    He was quite peculiar as hobbites go...

    other little lads were in the field playing but he rarely joined in, preferring to spend his time drawing and daydreaming about stories and outlandish adventures.

    One rainy day when he was about six or seven years old, the lad was sitting by the window looking at the garden.

    A little green caterpillar that was moving slowly across the window seal caught the young hobbit attention...

    " You are so tiny and so green ," the lad whispered at the caterpillar, "little green worm....what will you become one day ...? You are too green and too special to be just a simple butterfly ", and while having these thoughts, the lad made some drawing of the tiny green creature in his notebook as he was most impressed by it.

    When he was eight years old, under the care of his mother, the little hobbit learned to read and write with the quill, and his dreams and imagination finally were able to be recorded in words, and his very first story was written down.

    "What is it all about?" asked his mother with a loving smile. " It is about a 'dragon' " the little lad replied.

    "A dragon ?..I never heard of such thing, tell me about this 'dragon' " his mother continued. " Dear mother, my dragon was once a worm, born from an egg. At first it was tiny, but in time it transformed itself into a green great dragon with wings like a butterfly and scales like a serpent."

    "A 'Great Green Dragon' sounds better in words'" his mother commented and smiled at her little lad and his very first story. The lad smiled back and corrected his little mistake. " Here..." he said, " this is the story of the Great Green Dragon!"

    Many years passed , and the little lad grew up to become one of the greatest hobbit storytellers the world have even known. His stories and tales filled Middle-earth with wanders, and many came from far and wide to Hobbiton-Bywater in the Shire to hear him reading them in the Inn by the fireplace.

    As his fame grew and grew, locals residents felt proud and honored.

    All shall pass eventually, even hobbites..but stories and tales remains well as one Great Green Dragon.

    The storyteller departed into the west never to return, and in his memory the locals named the Bywater Inn after his very first story

    Forever we are grateful to that little hobbit lad and his tiny caterpillar .

    To the Green Dragon and to the greatest story teller the world has ever known!

    An Hobbit fairy-tale as told by Amorey Sweetrose on Green Dragon Friday 3rd Anniversary

    ((OOC: This fairy-tale is based on a true life event as recalled by Professor J.R.R.Tolkien himself about his very first story about a green dragon:

  2. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    A lovely tale indeed, Miss Amorey! Very well told, and fitted the evening perfectly!

    *Cheers loudly*
  3. Lina Chief

    A very fine adventure indeed! Thank you for telling the tale last night! *cheers*
  4. Coroebella Guest

    A sheer delight!

    *beaming smile*
  5. Lully Member

    Oh! That was a lovely tale, Amorey!

    *cheers loudly*
  6. Osterby Recruit

    Yeay... a grand story.
    'nods' and main characters I can identify with, the young lad, and the er Dra... er themes of destiny and potential... the er sense of... well a great story.


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