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  1. Lina Chief

    Good morning! Or evening.

    My story starts several years ago, when I was bumbling around the far distant lands of Landroval and, completely by chance, happened upon a fellow traveller in the middle of the Lone Lands. We had a quick chat, and she introduced herself as Rubellita Brandybuck.

    Our paths crossed several times afterwards, though unfortunately not for very long. She had come for the great Weatherstock festival, and to pay a quick visit at a concert I was performing in, after which time she returned to Laurelin. We kept in correspondence for a little while and I even transcribed one of her favourite songs to play, but soon afterwards my travels took me far away.

    Now I've finally returned, and decided to journey to Laurelin to seek a new home, and in the hopes of meeting my friend and the Kinship she spoke so highly of.

    I am, first and foremost, a bard. My goal is to see all of the world, experience everything Middle Earth has to offer and then, hopefully, write a song about it all. I have no higher ambitions about fame or glory, no wish to be renowned or well known; I simply seek a group of like-minded friends to share songs, stories and (hopefully) ales.

    I have too many likes to list, but at the end of the day, it all comes back to music, friends, stories and happiness. As for dislikes, well, anything that gets in the way of that. I rarely find anything that does.

    At our first meeting, I introduced myself to Rubellita as 'Sevanstarre'. I have since taken up the name of 'Lavaeolus'.

    That's about all I can think of; I'm a simple Hobbit with quite simple passions, mushrooms notwithstanding. Please do let me know if my ambitions and traits could be of any benefit to you.
  2. Lina Chief

    Welcome to the Order, master Lavaeolus!
  3. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome to the Grand Order! We hope you will feel at home here!
  4. Potty Member


    Welcome ter the Grand order, Master Lavaeolus!
  5. Rubellita Member

    Welcome, Master Lavaeolus! It's great to have you with us.
  6. Rubysue Member

    Welcome home, Lavaeolus!
  7. Wiberic Member

    Belated welcomes, Master Lavaeolus!
  8. Pycella Member

    Welcome to the Order, Master Lavaeolus! *checks several times whether she has spelled the name correctly*

    I hope to hear your songs soon again!

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