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  1. Lina Chief

    Greetings kind hobbits of the Grand Order! One more time thank you for accepting me into your fine company!

    My name is Mermund, a simple hobbit from Overhill, warden by training, woodworker and farmer by trade, and overall expolorer and adventurer at heart, as I believe many here are.

    For quite some time I've been traversing lands beyond the bounds, helping men and dwarves, visiting beautiful and dreadful places, inspecting pie stalls and tapping kegs, but at some point every traveller longs to return to his homeland. Thus one day my road brought me back to the Shire. And where else to rekindle the feeling of being at home if not in the inn and not just any inn but Green Dragon one on Friday! For I remembered that certain hobbits host the finest evenings there with songs, stories and dances. There I've met Miss Pycella Woodberry, a gifted storyteller, and was struck by her talents, kindness and modesty. Later she played a crucial role in my introduction to the Grand Order and helped to make acquaintance with her (and now mine too) friends. Since that time I started to visit hobbit events more often...the rest of the story is known to you.

    In case you still wish to know more about me, I add brief biography here.

    "Mermund was born on Mid-year's Day of 1389 S.R. to Elmund and Ingdis, descendants of the Stoor branch, and is their only child. Raised in a village of Overhill, in atmosphere of cherishing his stoorish heritage, though no records remained to tell about his ancestors or why did they settle in such unusual place for the Stoors like Overhill. From early years Mermund grew fond of music and songs, wind instruments were his most favourite.

    As a child Mermund began to help his mother with work at nearby farms, and later as a youth by mother's advice started to learn woodworking at Overhill Yards. When Mermund was about three summers old his father left the family never to be seen again. Rumors said he has settled down somewhere with another lass. Needless to say Mermund couldn't forgive such betrayal and hates disloyalty the most.

    Fireplace stories about Stoors that lived in a distant Vales of Anduin and their subsequent travels across Misty Mountains to the Angle of Eriador, farther to Bree and eventually - The Shire, aroused in Mermund the lust for adventuring, eager to meet his kin in Enedwaith one day. Consequently he joined Bounders and was charged with fending off goblins and unwanted beasts out of Bindbole Wood.

    After resignation from the service Mermund decided to see the world beyond the bounds, and went north-west to Ered Luin past Needlehole. Visit of Great Hall of Thorin, Gondamon and Noglond, Orodost and Sarnur, Kheledul and Rath Teraig induced in hobbit's heart deep admiration by dwarven craftsmanship, architecture and culture. There many honorable dwarves were met and strong friendship with some of them developed.

    -Where to will you direct your steps next, lad? - Mermund asked himself, - there are so many paths to tread and it would take a lifetime to walk them all..."
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  2. Lina Chief

    Welcome to the Order, master Mermund! It is grand to have yer with us!
  3. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome to the Grand Order, Master Mermund!
  4. Potty Member


    Hullo Master Mermond! Welcome ter the Grand Order!
  5. Pycella Member

    *cheers* Welcome to the Order! I am very happy to have you with us!
  6. Rubysue Member

    Welcome indeed, Master Mermund! Always good to have another wood worker about, and a fellow Warden at that! *Cheers*
  7. Lully Member

    Oh, I forgot to wave. We already met master Mermund, but welcome to the Order! *cheers and waves*
  8. Rubellita Member

    A warm welcome, Master Mermund!
  9. Mermund Member

    Thank you all, much appreciated! *cheers*
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  10. Rubysue Member

    And welcome to the board, Mermund! It's sort of a second right of passage.

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